Friday, March 30, 2007

Sub Station.Things that I have learned

Construction planning.
The planning of construction methods may properly be defined as "understanding what has to be built, then establishing the right method, the right machinery and the right labour force to carry out the works.
1.Location of project is an important factor. This substation is situated in the village and has a
Mediterranean climate. This means that you cannot carry out external work during winter.
2. Source of material , since we are batching our own concrete
3. Types of machineries: Bulldozer, Shower Loader, Excavator, Mobile crane: 10T,20T,25T,35T Generator sets( for site usage) approximately 175KVA
4. Manpower : Most of the team in this project specialised in their particular field
C&S: Concretor, Mason, Bar Bender, Carpenter, Plasterer,Machineries Operators.
M&E: Electrician (specialise in control panel installation),
Riggers ( specialise in cable installation, transmission tower installation)
Welder: ( Train in Japan for Tig Welding)
Mechanical supervisor: (Overall in charge of installation of mechanical works)
Accommodation: All cabins were imported from Japan and were usable for dual climate

The arrival of all these manpower must be scheduled so as to ensure the project finishes on time and to avoid unnecessary cost of over staying too long in Iran.
Everyone was very competent in carrying out their own work. Hence the substation started to energize without any remedial work.
All the steel structures sat on the pad foundation and stayed and locked down by anchor bolts. Setting the anchor bolts must be very precisely done. After the foundation bars were fabricated and installed and check completed, I would then set the template on top of the foundation rebar and bolts were them put in placed at each corner . At the base of the bolts, anchor block were also used to hold them down. When everything was completed, extra rebar were driven into the soil and later welded to anchor block. This will hold all bolts suspended independently and will not move out of position during concreting. During concreting ,the concrete were poured and spread evenly so as to avoid pushed out of position.Will try to get a drawing for the anchor bolt setting if possible.

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