Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sub Station

The Neka Power Station

Snow over the HasanKif Substation

Still wearing thick clothing in the office

Erection of transmission steel structure
Civil and Structure works
In this substation the work consisted of footings which support the steel structure above. Since the incident of the cabin footing, the piles were covered up and an electrical heater was placed inside to maintain a warm atmospheric temperature which will help the concrete to set before getting frosted.
Other than these, there was Main control building where computers , control panels and all related sub station instrumentation were installed. All construction material were imported from Japan under Mitsuibishi Electrical Cooporation
We constructed our own Batching Plant and have also 3 concrete mixers. Concrete mix design were also put on trial run at site until the design was achieved.

Mechanical and Electrical works
Normally under Jurong Engineering , our C & S team will retreat from the project site and leaving one staff to assist in the maintainence of the building but for this project we have to stayed back due to the problems of application of the work permit for new staffs in spite of these projects belonging to the Iran government.Well I have to stay and have to report to the M&E department. I was put in charge of the Steel Structure Installation work, those that you can see in all Substation. Other these, installation of the Generator Set and Aluminium Bas Pipe

Things that I have observed are the energizing of the whole substation, trip start of the gen set and also all electrical termination and panelling work.

63Kv step down area

With the Iranian Erection Team

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