Monday, December 29, 2008

Animal kingdom

Island Resort

In the Datok Kong's shed
Wow, a sleeping snake and it could not be bother of anybody praying there.

What is the name of this bird or chicken

On arrival at the site, I found this animal among the bushes . It's a real beauty.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 65 Storey Komtar

While attending a dinner in Komtar.
Meeting of Old friends

Staff that work together.....and consultant friends too

Family friend.....................and gathering of some staff

What can you see from 59 storey.

I was instructed to see the last construction stage of this high rise (65 storey Komtar) by my former boss while constructing his Hotel Equatorial . The casting of the last few floors and also the dismantling of the Tower crane. Once a week , I would visit this building and observed every details of the construction methodology.

Well, I took some memorable photos
of the completed Penang Times Square (Phase 1) from 59th floor. Normally, my son, XY, would repeat his comments :" Dad, you should have requested from your bosses some complimentary nights stay in hotels that you have constructed for them!!! Oop!, I have forgotten to tell him that I was invited for lunchs by them when return from my Oversea job.
Note: For my niece and nephew who are in USA . You can update this pictures in Google Map if you need them.

At 6.56 pm

At 7.01 pm

At 9.38 pm.
It would be beautiful when the advertisement boards around the building are set up.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Traditional Malay Wedding

A trip to Kuala Kurau, Perak on 21/12/2008

Azhahar, Azmi and me

Azmi, wife and youngest son, Aizad..
Azhahar,wife and his two children.

My Malay staff, Azmi and his brother invited us to his relative wedding and we reached there around 3.30pm after our lunch in Permatang Pauh. My wife has always wanted me to travel out of Penang Island but then I was always tired after my work. This Sunday was very exception and we definitely made this trip

Bersanding Area /........................................ and the Guest reception area

Where the wedding cermony and food was served

The Bridge linking Kuala Kurau to Kuala Gula

Villager fishing ( tangkul)along the small channel

Fish farming along the river#

The approaching of Kulau Kurau bridge......... Fish farming along the river

Bamboo Chicken

Jungle food

I requested this food and it was made and serve
Thank to the Chef, Colgate. It took him 4
hours to cook it and the only comment from him was that he could not find thinner bamboo section for cooking.

Anyway. Chin Na HoChiak

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Auspicious Chinese Wedding

The Happily Married Couple on 8/12/2008.
(Chinese Lunar date 11/11/08)

Wedding Dinner in Nibong Tebal

In one of the Ivory project, there is a Aluminum Contractor that helped to finish our Project for us due to unforeseen problem. I received a Wedding invitation card from him. It stated that his younger brother was getting married. Well, recalling the event in our project, I was very grateful to both of them for not giving up the job and finally the project was completed on time.

I have attended many wedding dinners but for this particular one there were many extra events and one of them was the Dragon dance and also the singer who came down to our table dancing with my friends. Well, it started as a normal wedding dinner with speeches and Honorable host thanking the quest and dancing troupe and finally ended like a Contractor dinner with round and round of beer drinking for my table. Let the party beginning!!
I drank a glass of beer only for I have to drive all of them(4) back to Penang.

The Dragon Dance on this Auspicious Day ...........and the wedding car

The Bridegroom brother with me and my Senior Staff recalling the job we did

Not to miss the dancer visiting our table and the free flow of beer for our table

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Trip to Ipoh

Eat! Eat! Eat!.
Chiak! chiak! chiak

What? A trip by Molly's son with his girlfriend to Ipoh, one day trip just to eat the food over there? That is really crazy!!.. No dad, my son who was sitting behind with his friend answered immediately. He told us that many of his friends did that and this is life.
Crazy or mad, well, we were on our way to Ipoh and just because XY and my wife requested to eat the famous Ipoh Koay Teow . We were supposed to leave in the morning but due to uncalled events in the Site, we only left at 4.00pm from my house.

Wow, me on the wheel

Raining during part of our journey but we arrived there safely in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The toll cost was Rm 12.80/trip and Rm 5.60 ( only if you purchase your Touch & Go at the Penang Bridge office) for the bridge toll into Penang island.

Below are pictures of the Koay Teow Noodle

Many Ajinomoto Lah!!!!
Other than this ,we also went to Ipoh Parade Complex and Jusco and ended buying XY a phone to replace his spoilt W810.
Indeed, a Christmas present for him.

XY with me...............................................................and best friend Chin Liew

Chin Liew and XY 's mum.......................................The chicken

Koay Teow................................................................the cilli sauce

The meat ball, extra order.......................................the beam sprout

Friday, December 05, 2008

German Restaurant

Type of food

Beside where I am staying there is a German restaurant . Before entering this restaurant, I gave a call to my Xing Yi and asked for his advice and the answer was that they serve very tasty Pork Knuckle and sausages in this place. What type of food do this restaurant really serve? The only dish that I could recall was the Pork knuckle that was treated by my X boss in Thailand. Fortunately, they do not serve Pork Knuckle today and I was forced to taste one with the Pork sausage. At the end of dinner, all of us were very satisfied with the food served.
Could not recall the food name but they were very tasty and delicious. Hoh Chiak