Monday, April 02, 2007

Qing Ming and The "Mee Suai" Affair

"Mee suai"

The process of home made "Mee Suai"
Qing Ming in Ayer Tawar, Penang.

In Penang, normally, our family would go to Qing Ming early that is on Friday so that my elder brother could attend. He comes from Kulim, a town in Kedah, where it is an off day for him. We would start from my house in Tanjong Bungah at 6.30am and reaches the cementery by 6..50am. Before entering the cementery, we have to pay RM 3 for entry ,last year was Rm 2. As usual, prayers to my parent will start after cleaning up all the shrubs and over flow soil surrounding the tomb. We will finish our prayer by 8.00am . The following day, we would go to my 2nd uncle tomb in Fettes park and finish praying by 8.00am too.
After completing the Penang side , on Saturday night we travelled to Ayer Tawar and reached by 10.20pm. The following morning we would start off at 6.30am and arrived at the graveyard by 6.45. The sun hasn't rise yet but using the light from the car headlamb, we would start cleaning the tomb and by 7.15am, all the relative would have arrived and the main ceremony started off by putting all the food ,fruits on top of the main alter. All start to pray with the eldest in the family starting it and then followed by the second,third and so on.
Today is very special for it started to rain when we were praying to my in law.
We were all wet but still managed to get it done
After completing the Qing Ming, we headed to town where we eat our favourite "loo mein" noodle soup ,hockchew style. Oop, my younger son Xing Yi missed it for he has to undergo his Hotel management training at Club Med. for 3 months.
After taken our breakfast we proceeded to the "Mee Suai" factory and purchased it since we were in Ayer Tawar. Here, we managed to see how Mee Suai were made.
The lady who stretching the mee suai is a relative to my wife.This technique of making "MeeSuai" was passed down from their parent. Hock Chew people cooks this "Mee Suai" with "AngChew"(English: Red Wine). Well ,with my Hock Chew's wife, I definitely enjoy this delicious dish regularly. That included my two sons.

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  1. I've been following your blog since you started and i think your stories are very interesting. I'm amazed with the fact that you actually still remember exactly things that happened to you few years ago!!

    But let's go a few decades back to when you were still a little boy. I'm wondering if you still have a clear memory of it and still has some photos of your childhood times to share with us. Looking forward to it!!

    Last but not lease, KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB & O-BEI-LIAO!!