Saturday, March 10, 2012

The day I lost my iPhone.

Losing My IPhone.
Never have I lost a handphone before but for this trip I lost my IPhone 4 to a pickpocket .

How did it happened?
During our the last day in Bangkok as usual we took our breakfast in the hotel and collected our passport from the counter. As we were to go back to our room, my wife suggested to make our last minute shopping in the Soi (Word for lane in Thai ). We have approximately 30 minutes to shop and then return to our room to bath and collect our bags before departing for the airport with the airport link. Hurrilly, we shopped and when returning to the hotel, I was informed by the hotel staff that my bag pack was not zipped . I zipped it back and returned to my room. As usual, before leaving my room, I searched for my Iphone to turn it off, than only did I noticed  that my iPhone was gone. Pouring our my bag pack , I could only found my passport, and my wallet. My wife helped me to search for it and agreed that it was stolen.
Recalling that I zipped up my back pack in the lobby. I finally agreed that my iPhone was gone....

We took our luggages and were on our way to the airport train terminal, a short distance from our hotel. My mind flashed though on what action I should first. Calling Buay to inform her  of what happened was the first choice for she could ask the local Thailand's Telco on what I should do for she too has a iPhone.

Do you know what to do when you lost a smartphone like an IPhone?

Lucky for me, my iPad was not lost and I started to surf the internet for information. Regardless, I asked my wife to call her friend in Malaysia  and eventually I was called up by Malaysia's Telco, Maxis  asking me to verify so that they could lock the sim card. 
What about all the information in my iPhone? I do not set any password and that mean the thief could excess to all my personal information. While in the airport, I started to log in into my all email accounts and change all the passwords, 4 emails. I could only change 2 emails before flying off to my next destination,Hatyai.  Upon arrival in Hatyai, the Malaysia border town , I managed to change all the passwords for all my emails. Not that easy to change the passwords for I never done them before and searching them in the dialog box was indeed hard.
The biggest mistake that I made what I did not made a police report before leaving Thailand through this border town for this report could  help me to claim from the insurance.
Back in Penang, I went to the Telco outlet and immediately bought a new iPhone and started to synchronize with my desktop computer. Lucky for me, I have set the Itunes to auto syn and hence all my contacts and info could still be downloaded to my new Iphone.
Looking through all the apps in my new Iphone, I realised that I have left my all credit card no and not the password in the Note apps. Well, feeling very uncomfortable, I called all the credit card centers and was informed that I could changed all of them with no extra charges.

What action should one take when losing a Iphone

1. Call your Telco to lock the sim
2. Make a police report in order to claim from insurance
3. Quickly access your emails to change all the passwords
4. Even if you could change all the password and lock the sim card, the thief could still log in to see your exciting data if he turn on the "airplane"mode. 
5. Erasing all data from Apple, 'Find my iPhone." To what extend i do not know.
6. Change your Apple ID password 
7. Other thing that you could think of

Well, a really sad and costly incident for I have to buy a new Iphone out front for there are no extended plan for my Telco existing data plan which will be expiring in 10 months time.

As commented by some friends jokingly,
" He purposely lost his Iphone 4 so that he could upgraded to Iphone 4s without getting  scolded ."