Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ivory projects

University Place

This was the first project I have constructed under Ivory Associates, the construction arm under Ivory Properties Group. On the first day I entered this site I met one of the local resident, an old man who was kind enough to tell and warned me of all the services beneath the dense bushes growth which line the side of the small path leading to the back of the project. Other than him was a aircon mechanic who has been repairing or installing the aircon system of our tower crane, excavator and even repaired the air system of our company car. He informed me of the mysterious happenings and things that people did at the pond at our site. First, DO NOT OPEN ANY CONTAINERS THAT WERE FOUND SEALED AND TO THROW THEM AWAY AS THEY ARE!. On this matter, I instructed the contractors, Soil mechanic and Great Piling, to follow strictly and surprisingly all the workers, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Thai and including Malaysian followed the instructions very strictly. Other than this ,they also did throw away a few sealed XO which were found during the construction of the caissons. Our Mechanic, Mr Lee Sing Huat, did tell me a story that I might find some XO even before the job start, THIS CONFIRMED THE STORY THAT HE TOLD ME. Well, ask him if you want the whole true story.
Behind leaving the village story, I would like to sincerely thank the old man for his help.

As per planning, the following staffs helped me to construct the whole project.SPM: Mr Tan Kok Hwa, QS: Tan Mei Ling, Lim Woei Ping,Oon, Technical team: Toh , Senior Supervisor(C&S): Yeoh,Misai Yeoh, Teong,Heng, Junior Supervisor(C&S) Bok ,Joe, M&E: Manager Jayson, Senior Supervisor(M&E) Too, Leong Admin: Yen,Gaik, Mei, Surveyor: Khor,Kris Operators : Seng ,Hong, and all staff yet to be mention later.
Upon arrival of the staffs and before proceeding with the project, I realised the complexity of this project and I approached our C&S consultant, Mr Tang ,for his help to give us a briefing of the methodology of constructing caissons. He agreed and the briefing was held at the site a week or so later. On that day , I was very surprised that most of his staffs also turned up for the briefing. Mr. Tang, a big thank you for building up of a good Consultant and Contractor staff relationship. During the construction of the caisson, a lot of weird happening always happen on
public holiday where all of us felt very uncomfortable most of these day.
On one of the incident, that was a particular day when I was about to go back after inspecting the site, I felt a very emotionally uneasy. As I slowing drove my car out of site onto the main road, I received a call from my Senior Supervisor, Heng, telling me that a worker have fallen into the caisson hole when climbing up for his lunch break.I straight away drove into the site at the entrance leading into caissons area. Upon arrival, they have started to lift up the worker up with a crane and loaded him onto the back of my Storm. I drove him straight to Lam Hwa Ee hospital . The doctor said that he has sprain his back and two days later he was discharged and sent or further treatment by their own Indonesian herbal doctor.

More incidents happened and finally our boss called a Chief Monk to pray for the safety of the whole site. All of us prayed when he was on site and the final solution as proposed was to invite all those unrest soul to go the temple for food. After that particular day, Mr KH Tan gave an instruction that we have to pray every END OF THE LUNAR MONTH. Things start to get better from that day onwards.
Once a while, we still met straight happenings and one of these was when we did an additional prayer for the soul and a straight thing happened that day. As Jayson and I was praying at the site, one of my staff, Misai Yeoh walk toward us and all of a sudden he start to shout and said these. Where are there no "GIN CHUA"? His eyes turned red and misai tweaked upwards.
I quickly turned my body and shouted to Khor who was so happened walking at the other site and said, Khor, go and buy Gin Chua. he immediate said yes and shoot off and came back with them. Misai Yeoh did not pray on and left us. When we have completed the whole ceremony, I checked with Jayson on the incident and he also mentioned that a strange thing happen and why was Yeoh so rude as if something has enter his body. I told him that his eyes turned red and he was not his normal self. Well, our conclusion was whether we Believe it or Not, we have to be extreme careful for there are many things out there in spite of the Chief Monk prayer. Misai Yeoh, also mentioned that they, the unrest soul, are sometime chasing him and he could not go out there for a while. This incident was not narrate to the site staff for I do not want them to worry. Anyone of you can verify the incident with ex staff,Misai Yeoh.
From that day onwards, the project went on smoothly ,completed and handed over to the resident without further phenomena.

usual "Tai Kor" problem is always there but to resolve it you need to be honest and sincere with your dealing with them. The "Chan Hoo's" principle must be observed strictly. Certain time, when you are discussing with them, they gave respect
to you due to your sincere and renowed personality. The Best advice is to lay low and be humble, "Thiam Kow Ka SI Lang."

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