Monday, June 30, 2008

Good news for "Papaya"

"Papaya" a unique nickname to distinguish him easily after meeting a Super model, "Pancake"in Koh Lipe, Thailand marine island.

My son has finally completed his Diploma studies and is offered to continue his Higher Diploma in the college. Another year to go than his degree. Where to go? Daddy? Do they give scholarship at Swiss college? Try and request was my reply. His uncle mentioned Cornell University. Well, he has a year to try applying . Just pray that there might be some colleges out there that offer scholarship to him. Prices of everything are going up.
Recently, he is back in Penang and is quite sad for all his friends from Chung Ling High school, Penang will be leaving for Universities and hence less gathering. The next sad thing is that he has not eaten all the hawker food before returning to KL. Just to name some: "Loh Mee", "Curry mee". Well, he took "Mai Zee" yesterday. All of us went over to Hatyai, Thailand for two days break and I have to get over certain unhappy incident recently. Well, took them to the local Thai restaurant and ate our favorite food, Tom Yam soup, Pat Si You, Kao Pat, and our long miss ice cream at Swensen, below Lee Garden Hotel.
The most important for him was to get his stationary and he requested a present for being top in the class, an imported technical Pencil.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Events

Breakfast at one of my favorite stall

My sunday started with the search for breakfast and normally, I would end up at my favorite place in Pulau Tikus. A coffee shop called Kong Lee. Here, my wife eat her delicious "Pan Mee"
and for me my usual Indian Curry Rice. In this store other the normal fish ,prawn curry, you can find deer meat curry, a very delicious dish

The coffee shop in Pulau Tikus....................................The Nasi Store in front

The owner scooping the deer meat ....................The dear meat

My Regular breakfast cum lunch

Why do you take your curry rice here. Well, at this stall the curry are cooked daily and not like those 24 hours Nasi kandar outlet. I do at time eat at the 24 hour outlet but then I still prefer this stall.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Apple Exhibition in Penang

Apple product

Received an sms from Alex Toh reminding me of the Apple fair at Gurney Plaza in Penang. Straight  after work , I immediate dropped  in and found that they have some very good presentation topics on their softwares. 

Meeting me at the exhibition was my colleague, Aik Seng and after both of us have registered with them, we were given a small presents in return. We went through all the new product and found one that was very interesting, the Wacon tablet, a drawing board where you can draw anything and direct transfer into the computer. A young man, Paul Ooi was there drawing 
a manga and he sent me the drawing through email.

A manga by Paul Ooi

Monday, June 09, 2008

What's up there?

Anything up in the trees?

Lucky Day

Well, have been trying to get photographs of these special type of monkey and normally they do not cross your path. I am very lucky to see them today.

A baby trying to climb the tree...............................Mother carrying her baby

Gathering at these trees

All resting in the trees.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bak Chang's day

How to make Bak Chang (pork dumpling in Hokkien)

Bak Chang ................................................................Unwrapping it after cooked

Look how delicious?? the ingredients: Rice, pork, chestnut & salted egg

A year, when checking at the Island resort site, I found two a couple cutting leaves on the Mian Batu Ferringhi road opposite the main entrance leading to the site. Well, always being curious, Istop and park my car at the side road and walk over to them. One look at them, i found them to be local Tanjong Bungah's Resident. They smile at me and said that they were collecting the leaves to make Bak Chang.

Collecting the leaves

Beside the main road of Batu Ferringhi ..................... and have to go down the ravine

Auntie, watch out for snakes!!! ...............................and the cut leaves with stem collected

and finally, the leaves

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

3 puppies (updated 9/06/08)

The 3 puppies ( 1 male and 2 female)

9th week later. (9/06/08)
Balance one puppy at home.

Playing with her mum............................standing tall beside her father

A new home for all the puppies
Today 3/06/08, gave the male puppy to another home, bye bye , "Honda".
Yesterday,26/05/08, the female white puppy, Honey, was given away to a new home.She was very calm when held by her new master.

8th week (23/05/08)
The puppies have growth very fast and theirs sizes are 18 inches in length and 11 inches in height. Start to eat a lot.Increases to one cup from half a cup of solid food Drink milk after each meal.
Adopting to the words, wee, wee ( to urinate) outside of cage and also the command come and sit, slowly .

Very playful and sometime quite fierce

7th week (16/05/08)


Beginning of 7th week and are as big as Chihuahua but still suckling milk

In the cage and start obedient class. ..........Playful and start to bark

Today,9/05/08, the puppies start to bark at 7.15am. Well, they start to delay the urinating time. Well done.

6th weeks old (8/05/08)
Starts to take puppy food and stay in dog cage at night
Woke me up at 5.30am for they wanted to urine
outside the cage. Seem to be very clean puppies

Start of 6 week, still suckling milk from mum............Starts to explore everything

start drinking from water tub

5th weeks plus 1 day

Where are my food?

5th week (1/05/08)

The puppies started to wonder around the garden and are very playful.
Start to feed them rice and by the end of the 5th week will try feeding them dog food.
Initially when all of us take the puppies in our hand ,we realized that they are very scare and now they start to acknowledge that we mean no harm and they just love to be petted. Start to talk to them and have purchased three dog bowls for solid food preparation. Until today, Goldie still allow them to take the milk from her. Have observe that they have milk teeth and get very excited when taking their first solid food, rice with liver.
Goldie is still very protective over them. Still do not allow friends near the puppies

Suckling milk from their mum.

4th week (25/04/08)

Do it business out side and also very playful

Almost the same size of chihuahua

3rd week (18/04/08)

By the 3rd week, the puppies started to crawl out of the cage.
Their eyes were opened two day ago, 16/04/08) approximately
19 days from birth.

Wait, I will be playing outside my pan soon!!

Day 17 (14/04/08)

On 14/4/08 ,Puppies are very chubby and started to try standing up.
Their eyes started to open slightly

Goldie, the proud mother

Day 1 (29/03/08)
Surprise today, Goldie does not take her breakfast and after our yearly, Cheng Ming this morning, my eldest son told me that she is about to whelp. At 12.00 noon, he gave me a call informing me that Goldie has whelped 1 puppy He found this puppy in the garden beside the rambutan tree. Goldie has no knowledge of itself giving birth to the first puppy. Pei Yi cleaned sand off the puppy and put it to the area that we have prepared for her whelping. After two more puppies,she realised that the place we sorted for her is a better place than the garden. Hence the rest of the puppies was bored in the den that we have provided for her. Well, the labor time stretch from 12..00 noon to 6.15pm until the last no 9 golden puppy came out. After completed, Goldie left her place and drink the fresh water that I have left outside her den. I immediately change all the paper boxes and she went back to her den straight. Very worry that she could accident step or rest her body on the puppies. I have to ask her to lay down on her side by pushing her down so that the puppies could suckle the milk and after a few try, she managed to understand. Well. She allowed all of us to hold the puppies . Normally, bitches would be aggressive even somebody goes near to the den

Two puppies could not survive and I have to bury them outside the house.
The puppies are of Alsatian and Labrador cross. 5 male and 2 female. Busy time again for I have to photostat books on puppy to be given away together to new owners

All taking their rest

Puppies searching for the mummy milk

Day 2 (30/03/08)
Everything is back to normal and I have to mop the floor outside for
all the blood stain leftover by Goldie during whelping.
I have to apply Dettol to disinfect the area.

Day 3 (31/03/08)
Strange thing happen this morning, When I woke up this morning, I found that a few puppies were shifted out from the den and I was curious fo
r there must be a reason why Goldie did this. Upon counting the puppies
I found one missing. I called my wife and both of us searched the garden thoroughly and could not find the last puppy. All of a sudden, we heard a faint noise of a puppy crying behind the gap of the table. Putting my hand behind the table edge, I manage to pull the puppy out and it was quite tough for Goldie was scratching at the wood of the table , hence blocking my entrance.
Well,all of us are so happy but then we do not know why did Goldie did this strange behavoiur of shifting the puppies. My conclusion was that she got very panic after losing the puppy and has no confident of staying in the de
n .Finally, we stroke and petted her and assure her the den is still the right place. I have put entra paper board over the den to warm the den rather then just expose to the outside. Maybe this could be the reason. My younger son who is back for holiday told me the Goldie would carry the puppies out into the garden and then put them back again. What is she doing? Maybe letting the puppies clearing their bowel??. Anyway, just keep my finger cross and hope that she knows how to take good care of the baby

Day 4 (01/04/08)
Sad day for early this morning, one puppy was found dead probability Goldie could have accidentally slept on it. Then in afternoon, the weak puppy which my wife and I have fed with baby milk has passed away.
We were left with 5 puppies by today. Bought a packet of baby biscuit for Goldie for it contain higher nutritionally value and which the pet shop has recommended for whelping bitch. Has observed that Goldie can still produce milk for all the puppies.
Left the Goldie alone today for I have to attend to Safety and Health seminar at Hotel Equatorial, Penang. Make a survey of this hotel today and found her to be the same all these years .

Day 5 (02/04/08)
Could not sleep , wake up at 4.45am in the morning and go over to see how Goldie and the puppies are. They are fine and the puppies are suckling the milk from the mum .Came back from work and again was shocked to see all the puppies was in the garden at the tree truck which Goldie dug up during last few days . Again 1 puppy has to leave this world and now balance 4 puppies: 1 white and 3 black.
Very sad. Let pray that the rest of the puppies survives after today.

Day 6 (03/04/08)
Everything is normal. Before my wife goes off to work she reminds Goldie not to take the puppies into the garden again. Down to 3 puppies.

Day 7 (04/04/08)
I have a feeling that finally it will be 3 puppies left for Goldie is following the mummy procedure to take care of the puppies.
Will take a picture later. Puppies are very cute .

Day 7 (05/04/08)
Big headache again, Goldie has diarrhea and now I have to let her go on diet so as
to let her drain all the unwanted food in her tummy. Well, cook
ed some Oat for her , it might help. Why Oat? During my son last trip back during Chinese New Year, he purge alot and I managed to get rid of his problem by letting him eat filtered cooked oat solution only and after that he was back to normal. Why filter the cooked oat, well the cooked oat is fibrous so anything going into the stomach might flush out again. So filter it before drinking it. Puppies remains 3

Day 8 (06/04/08)
Went to Ayer Tawar, Perak for all soul day, Cheng Ming, reach home at 8.00pm and the puppies are okay. Dear son, do not
worry for the puppies are okay.

First Week
All the puppies are sleeping all the time until meal time when they will just cry until Goldie feed them. Goldie has left the den and is sleeping outside with the rest of the dogs. She has recovered from diarrhea.

A week old puppies

Second Week (11/04/08)
All the puppies are fine and so is the mother. The puppies are very neat and their eyes are not open yet. They are chubby now for so much milk to suckle from their mother.