Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things that I have learned in these projects

Jalan Ipoh Overpass (Jan 1978 to May 1979)
Outer Ring Road
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As Trainee/Supervisor

1. River diversion.
2. Casting of Girder Beam for bridge. Installation work.
3. Damage of girder due to segregation during concrete casting.

4. Pile cap casting beside the river.
5. Road work as per JKR standard.
6. City traffic disposal.
7. Surveying work.
8. Traffic light cable routing.

Beecham Pharmaceutical Plant ( May 1979 t
o Jan 1980)
A Chemical Plant (Heavy Industry)

Quality Road. Singapore
As Site Engineer
(Updated 21/12/07 with pic)

1. Full coordination between Mechanical,Electrical and Building works.
2. Composite structure. Concrete floor and steel column and beam.
3. Chemical tiling from United Kingdom using epoxy grout/paste.
4. Condition of Oil and Gas Plant Safety. Atmospheric Gas Test every
half an hour etc.
5. Rigging of Plant Equipment.
6. Singapore trained Riggers, Fitters and Welders
Publish Post
7. Hot and cold work permit
8. Installation of Gas Pipe by Mechanical team and its test after installation
9. Other topics related to Heavy Industry Project.

From the above projects, I started to buy engineering books and spend allocated time for research in my company library on topic related to the project I have done. This was to ensure that I have full understanding of these projects that I have completed.

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