Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Hidden and Lost Relative (16th March 2007)

On Friday, 16/3/07, I was having a meeting in Birch House when I received a call from my wife informing me that my relative had arrived from Singapore and would be attending a wedding dinner on the 17/3/07. I have not seen them since April 1984 after leaving Singapore where I worked under Jurong Engineering (S) Pte Ltd. She called to ask for directions to a certain house with address, Block 4-5th Floor -house no 4. Well, I was in shock and quietly left the room since the meeting was adjourned. I called her back to reconfirm the address that she was inquiring.
My God! It matched the address of my Senior staff, Siau Yong Chong, who would be getting married on the same day.I told her that I also knew the bridegroom and would be attending the same wedding on 17/3/07. She immediately confirmed that Siau's father is a distant relative ( from her mother's side)and that she had not seen him for years .I told her that Siau never mentioned to me that his father is a Hockchew and is from Sitiawan,Perak.

I gave Siau a call and asked him where my Singapore aunt was and he got a shock too for he mentioned that the aunt is his father's sister-in law. Both of us started to laugh over the phone.Well, I told Siau that our colleague,Yeoh would be passing the SD card for his wedding usage that night.

This is really a small world. On the 15th lunar moon of Chinese New Year, I talked t0 his father at his house warming gathering at 8.00pm,and helped outwith the barbeque.Incidentally, I forgot to take a photo of that gathering.
During the wedding dinner, again to my surprise, all my aunties from Sitiawan were there. They were also surprised that we were there and again my wife had to explain to them the whole story.
Note: Siau quietly asked me how he should address me in future. I immediately I assured him Mr. Kang will do

For info: Mr Siau Yong Chong and Mr Lee Kok Heng were both my Senior staff working with me under The Penang Star Northern Hup Project in Bayan Lepas. This Heavy Industry Project was commented well done by Publish Post the client, The Star Project(found out after I left and spoken to one of the head) other then the delay which was not within our control, was well done as compared to the vast error done at a similar one at Shah Alam. I visited the Shah Alam Star Project as requested by the Client on Sunday to determine the fault made by the existing contractor.

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