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Singapore, The Land Of Many Opportunities (May 1979)

Leaving for Singapore was very sad for me. Why! The main reason was that I do not know what kind of job I will be handling or going into in this land called :"KIASU" and "KIASI"

When I was in the train ,Rakyat Express, leaving from KL at 2.00pm a
nd arriving Singapore at 10.00pm, I
kept thinking of the “Chiam” that I have picked when up at the Kek Lok Si Temple before I left Penang for KL to study. A classmate of mine from SXI took me up to Kek Lok Si, the first time, for a tour and upon reaching the Main Buddha Hall at the very top, he persuaded me to pray to Lord Buddha and then pick a “Chiam” With the “Chiam”, I went over to the counter and a nun asked me what do I want to know from Lord Buddha. I mentioned that I would like to know of my career and she started to tell me that this “Cheam’s very good and it stated that where ever I go, I will meet good and helpful people and that I do not have to worry of my meals. I sincerely thanked her very much went over to Lord Buddha and knelt down and bowed 3 times thanking him for the guardian to me of my life and left. I did not tell my father and mother about this.

At that moment when I was thinking over this matter, I felt a hand patting over my shoulder and a man with a smile said to me, Singapore Immigration Check Point”.
I told myself that I do not have to worry at all and let faith lead the way. After passing the immigration, I called a very close family friend, Mr. Yeoh Weng Hoo, who was working in Singapore under Brown & Roots, an oil and gas company who specialized in offshore oil exploration. He picked me up and we left for his sister house at North Bridge Road where I lodged for two nights u
ntil my new company put me up at the company quarter.
I could not sleep well that night and the following day I reported at Jurong Engineering (Singapore) Ptd. Ltd known as JEL in short throughout Singapore. The company arranged for me to stay at Chin Bee Garden, Holland Road Village on the 3rd day in Singapore. The following day, I was quite worry and could not sleep at night and having no alternative I consulted a doctor beside my apartment. The diagnosis , I was having high anxiety and no cost for alarm for it always happen to people who travel on the first few nights. Well he prescripted a very mild sleeping pill for me and I slept like a log that night.

Jurong Engineering (Singapore) Ptd Ltd. (May 1979 to April 1984)
The first company that I worked in Singapore.

Photo taken on 28/10/07

The first project that I worked in Singapore was called Beecham Pharmaceutical Plant. The extension area was called Amoxicillin Plant. The Mechanical Project Manager (One of the 11 Project Managers of JEL) took me to the site and introduced me to the client, a Professor in Chemical Engineering and the Clerk of Work. Both of them were from United Kingdom. On that day onwards I started to worry very much of my English language, being from a family of five and me having the worst English in the whole house. Note: All were teachers and only my eldest brother and I were having a different career.
The only way out was to do my work well and read the plan well so when I talked to them it was strictly on the work and less broken english.

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