Friday, October 12, 2007

Island Resort, Penang (updated 23/10/07)

Special Happening

We make our first visit of this site in Mid June, 2005 started the SI (soil investigation) as required by the Engineer. These investigations were compulsory for every projects as the results will review all the technical data of the soil. These data will assist the Geotechnical Engineers in their foundation design

On one of my site trip up there, I was shocked to see so many Bird watchers at the site with their cameras focusing from any available angles aiming straight at a nest slightly about 30 meters off the main gravel track. Before approaching them, I went over to another group who were chitchatting beside the car parked along the road. I introduced myself and was quickly acknowledged due to my Ivory's uniform. The team leader approached me and told me that there was special type of bird called "Asian Paradise-flycatcher" trying to hatch their egg.

Asian Paradise-flycatcher (male) taking it turn to hatch its egg

He asked for permission to take photograph of this bird till the baby was hatched. I told them that it will not be a problem provided my boss allowed which he eventually did. Further checking with the contractor for the SI job, they were also happy to cooperate by boring their holes at oth
er points further from the nest which were pegged by our surveyor.

News spread so fast that eventually I saw more Bird Watchers arriving from Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur to witness the fascinating and rare event.

Before the baby was hatched, sad to say, the egg disappeared during the night from it nest during the night so as the parent. Everybody were very so sad of what happened. I asked them what might happened to the egg. According to them, the egg could have been eaten by a snake, stolen by people or other reasons due to mo
ther nature. Finally, all the Bird Watchers left leaving a memory of these special event that have taken place at Island Resort.I should have taken pictures of the way the Bird Watcher placed their cameras and kneeling down patiently waiting for every right moment to take some beautiful shot of it.

A week later, I received a call from my Surveyor, Mr Chung , telling me that the leader of the Bird watcher would like to see me. I went over to Birch House and was surprised for he was there with copies
of the bird photograph which he have promised. He asked me to handover a copy to my Boss as a sincere thanks and appreciation from The Bird Society"
Well, I was also given a copy and I thanked him. Both pictures that I have posted were taken beautifully with a lot of patient, not to forget all the mosquitoes in the forest.

This photo was taken by Mr. Tan Choo Eng.
Very seldom do you find both parent together beside the nest.
The mother has not left the nest and the father flew in to be together.
The mother and father took their turn to hatch their egg.