Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you drink alcohol?

The Construction man always drink.!!!!
(this topic is not intended to offense any construction man out there whose tough works need to be appreciated)

This Chinese New Year is a very interesting one for me for this is the very first time I was bombarded with this questions by my neighbor children.

Questions and Answers.

Q. Is it true that all construction staff drink?
A. Not exactly all but around 90% do it.

Q. Then why do you not drink ???
A. Well, I do now for a simple reason, Medical. To flush out my kidney stone if any are present with beer, tiger beer , as recommended by certain close friends.
Only for a glass after my dinner and not more for my head will start to spin.

Q. You mentioned that you have been traveling due to your job, Iran, Indonesia,
Sarawak ,Thailand .... what make you not picking up this habit?
A. I always ask myself this question. " What is the main purpose of working
The answer: To earn enough for your future. It has always been tough when over
there,the work load and homesick too.When you abroad I must make sure that at
all time, I do loose my mind due to the booze but to be always on alert. To return
home safely after each dinner.
Hence, I lied that I am allergy to drinking whenever I attended a dinner. That
really is a good reward to me eventually

Q. Is that the main reason?
A. Yes but mainly to return home to your own bed, not ending up with a (lady) in
another bed and be ready for tomorrow work or events. Nobody will give you
a helping hand if you are in trouble.......HIV!!!!>

Q. You have seen many people getting drunk. What is your opinion?
A. I am not an expert in drinking but I am sure that you should not drink with an
empty stomach. Eat something before drinking. Other then this, the worse is
when your buddy started to give you all sort of drink i.e: beer, wine,brandy and
whisky. You will be mixing them in the stomach and the result will be bad.

Q. I see.....!!
A. Finally to have self determination is very important." No means No". that include

I have once consumed too much alcohol and lucky for me my site is quite near so i drove there and upon arrival, my site guard let me in and I took a short nap, nearly an hour. before continuing the rest of my journey home. I recalled that one of the manager did not went home straight but parked his car by the road and took a nap inside the road site drain . Just imagined how smelly when he got home...But then he has his family worrying as to why he has never got home that night.

In another incident, one of my staff just stood still outside the restaurant and pee!!!! Well, the most problematic was when some of my staff have to carry the drunken one
home up the hill through the trekking footpath. Just imagine how heavy and smelly he was when he vomited on the way home.
To some whose family cared for them, show down in the following morning!

Why do they end up like that ????
You see it has to do with the word< Contractor Dinner!!! Even before the start of the dinner, all the contractor will drinking and jeering the staff to drink in empty stomach. When food was served, they would go to each table again to pour alcohol into every available empty glasses. To play smart, keep your glass fill up with Chinese tea and stay cool when persuaded to drink., so sorry I am on medication...blurr.....blurr........ But then not every contractors' dinner were like these. When you were siting with consultant engineers , they would normally drink with ah hah! educated section!! . not the rowdy group..... So far all staff were lucky for they reached their home safely with the help of the non drinkers. If ever I were to drink, I would enjoy it in my home for I could just go straight to bed when I start to be feel tipsy. Cheers , now is the time . Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. Kong Xi Fa Chai. could hear that the youngster at the corner were playing the card game....... .. ...Ha Ha Ha! 23/2/09 Dinner with the Adjuster Tonight I was very lucky to seek some of the reasons why people drink and get drunk from some new guests in the table that I was in. Well he highlighted that mostly this will happen when they drink a different type of drink for example if you are drinking beer then stick with beer and do not drink wine or whiskey later. Normally mixing of the drinks in the stomach will happen when the host comes ushering everyone to drink and by then beer could have been finished and wine and whiskey are only available. He commented that no matter how good a drinker one maybe, he would be drunk at the end of the dinner. Well, as usual ,they were surprised as to why I did not drink tonight? Real reason I was on medication due to my toothache.
What was the reason some people drink? Well, to get rid of problems. Is that so then I am not that type. Well, I remember that when I was having high stress over my job, I could not sleep but to go down to the street and walk until I was really tired. It happen when I was in Singapore and I was lucky to have a policeman who was on beat and he actually accompanied me walking a few blocks and final informing me that my block was over there and and it was late and I should tried to go back to sleep. We really have a good chat when walking through the condo.
There are many ways of getting rid of stress. Another way was to surf the internet until you eyes get heavy for bed and like what I am doing right now is to write my blog. ...............

Obeiliao, trying to be a lecturer!!

Oh mine, he is serious about it!!!
Don't play play for he will burst your eardrum with this giant microphone. watch out!!!

A Song. "When he is coming round the mountain , when he comes..............."

Could it be in the family blood that most of us are borne teachers?
Well, coming from a family of 5 members , excluding my parent, all are teachers ( husband and wife ) except for my eldest brother and me having a diffe
rent career, a banker and construction project manager. But then ,my eldest brother was also an Editor in MIT for her Sloan Management Review journal for 1974 and 1975...I could still find the copies in the bookshelf upstairs.

Does it really run in the blood? How did I start off this teaching habit?

One fine day, I received a call from my contract manager, Miss Tan M.L. telling me that a group of student from TAR (Tungku Abdul Rahman college ) wish to visit our site and our boss has commented t
hat it could dangerous for them at this time. Miss tan recommended I could give them a pet talk on construction methodology in the our main office lecture studio. Well, I agreed and I have 1 week to prepare my note and lecture. Lucky for me ,on hand at the site, we happened to have a civil engineer trainee ( Ng Yong Kai) from UTM( Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.) who helped me with power point presentation.

Mr. Yong Kai Ng ,fine tuning before the start of the lecture.
He is good in IT too. surprised lah but proven .Coordinate very well in the lecturing time

Sitting down ,I started to gather notes that I have presented to another group of University student earlier with the helped of my Architect, Pu
an (Miss) Zaida, an Architect graduated from US.
As usual I did a work breakdown structure which I have read through in Microsoft Project.
With that , Mr Ng started tocompile all the lecture notes and placed them in sequence .
and trial run with me before the big doom day!!

Lecture time for TAR on


A short briefing with the students. testing lah
Look carefully ,is his hand shaking?

Handling out the notes ..................................and a few casual words with them

My God! my Technical Engineers and QS staffs are also attending. Looking very serious is IR. Chow & IR Heng. Better shorten the lecture for they could bombard you with further
question!!!! Ha Ha...

Let start the lesson. My heart is pumping fast>>>!!!!!!!! and field photo shot with plans to make it more interesting.

The reward. All of them are not snoring or sleeping and in fact laughter too are heard in the lecture hall.

We make it...........

Other site visit on 24/3/09 by UITM students.
2 buses but not to worry for IR Chow was at site to help out.

Ushering the student together for their safety

Tips on being a good speaker.

1. It is very natural for one to be scared
2. When talking look into the hall and not in front only
3. Make sure to add some jovial note here and there.
4. Always remember, for every trial speech make, one will gain to have more
5. Grab the chance to speak if given in order to be outspoken.
6. Whatever you can think of to make the speaker and floor audience laugh? .........
7. Good or bad comments are highly appreciated .
8. Brain storming of the events after completing it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Proof read.

Proof read:
Means : To read a book or articles before it is published in order to find and mark mistakes that need to be corrected

How good is your English Language?

To some of my colleagues, my English seems to be good but they do not know I always line up at the very last in my whole family. Let me tell you a short story of what happen to me . Since young I do not have the interest to study and as such my life should not end as a full time plantation boy, I started to concentrate on my education and .....not so late for me to turn over a new leave for the warning came from my eldest Boon in his letter to my late father on time. At that time, my brother was studying in MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) wrote a strong letter to my Dad asking him to draw me out from the plantation work and concentrate in my study. Why did he know that I have a language problem. Well, shame to say that for every letter my mum and dad asked to reply for them to my brother, all the letters would be send back to me and all my mistakes would be proof read. Just imagine the cost of the extra postage sending them back to me. Well, being a brother ,he was not worry about that cost for his action are well justified.

To me, I was very surprised to receive each time a letter from my brother, thicker than you could imagine. Opening them , I would feel sad for I did not know why I could not improve my English. Well, till today, I still have problem as commented by my eldest sister.

Now ,Now, why they are good and I am bad in my English? Let find the root cause

Could it be this? The story goes...
During our younger days , my 2nd elder brother would always buy back some comics for example Superman , Green Lantern, Spiderman and not to forget my sister with her Mill& Boons story books and we would all look at comics only upstairs when my dad and mum were not around. Just imagined when she was there , we would hid them underneath their bed ( not for the M&B for there are no pictures in them) . Even then my English was not better for one day, my 2nd elder brother was called by his teacher , Miss Lim, to the staff room to complain and also ask why my English was so bad. Well, she was very kind and she was wondering why I have that problem and my brother does have not it

I started to improve my English from that day and managed to get a credit in MCE. Lucky for me, I have got a place in a Technical college as this was my sister recommendation to my parent. He is better in practical and not a scholar>>>!!! . Till today. I appreciated and thank to bottom of my heart to my eldest sister for guiding me into the right career , Civil Engineering.

Time goes by very fast and finally my Eldest brother graduated and returned to KL, transferred back from NY by his bank. Staying with them , I realized that they spend most of the time reading and would flip their head up just to watch the TV when hearing some special news from it. As usual, my brother would said to me in one of the night that I should pick something to read other than my technical books.

Just before I forget, he was also the one that encouraged me to take up computer studies. I did immediately but unfortunately I have to do it in Thailand. Anyway, when I was back to Penang constructing Hotel Equatorial, I went to Perkim Goon to study computer programming .

I remember this words from him. PT, do you know that MIT help to save cost for a project by using computer." as from that day , I took up Autocad lesson in Thai language and bought my own additonally computer chip to be places into the company computer in order to run Autoccad version 11 ( if I am not mistaken)

Now being a blogger, I would still have to correct my mistakes and I am very happy for I have found my proof reader, my sister. Thank sister...........

Reading my blog articles and editing them , very Serious lah

And even refer to a dictionary to prove the existence of a word......Serious teacher...

As for my sons, I do not know how they fair in their English and I presumed that XY will be better for he always carry a dictionary to class during school hour for his reference and finally lost it before graduating from CL. Just for better English , I decided to buy an updated dictionary ,Collins cobuild Advanced Dictionary.