Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Journey to China

My first trip back to my ancestor Home town

Half way constructing Hotel Equatorial, Penang ,my father asked me whether I would like to follow him back to China. After mother has passed away, he has wanted to take a trip back as usual bringing along with him certain cash and clothing that he would like to give to his niece and nephew. I quickly answered yes for I was quite worry that he would be carrying so many heavy things back and further more he has always wanted to show me where our Ancestor came from. In 1984, He and mother have traveled back to their home town after touring Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand
We took our flight from Penang to Xiamen. Once landed in
Xiamen international airport and immediately after stepping outside of the aircraft door, I took a deep breath and murmured these words in my mind, " Ah Mah ( Hokkien dialect meaning Grandmother), I am here in China. Why these words? Well, when I was a small boy, my granny would always pamper me with her food given by my mother when she was staying in Penang. Eventually ,my mother would always scold me but my granny words would always supersede every command made by my mother. The main reason for my granny to return back to China was she wished to pass away in China.

The hotel.

Our flight was delayed and when leaving the terminal, I met a tourist guide who helped me to get a reliable taxi. On the way to the hotel, my father ask the taxi driver if he could drive us to our home town tomorrow. The honest driver said yes but he has to informed and get permission to take us there.. I do not recall the fare but remember that it was a standard rate of going there.
During the first night we checked into a hotel that is quite cheap as recommended by the taxi driver. We have a very unpresent stay that night for we have no KEY to lock our door and it was taken by the hotel front office people. I eventually have to move one of the bed console to jam the door in case anybody try to enter our room. Well, I was very worried for my father was carrying some cash back to our relative.
I could not sleep and at around 6.00 am, I woke up and left the hotel to see what it would be like in early morning. Well, the first thing I saw was a lot of people having their regular exercise looked like "Tai Chi ". Felt very happy and I kept on walking further from the hotel to looked at the livelihood of the local people. I normally call them, "Ting Nan" (chinese people) con............

Monday, October 13, 2008

Xing Yi's Graduation

Two months ago

It is very heavy, 10kg cup yoh!!

Regardless son, you should always be humble.

The Graduation Ceremony

We took a bus to KL straight after work and returned the following day after the ceremony. Lucky for us , on the way back, we managed to get two tickets for the 7.00pm bus . Amelia called asking whether we are ok? Well, thank for the concern for we were already on the way out of KL. I recalled in Rawang.

Other than the ceremony, the most important thing was to meet up with the parents of Xing Yi's friends. During their training in Penang, we only heard their parent voice on the other side of the line but not this time for we finally saw them and personally thanked them for taking care of him when in their home for holiday.

Receiving his diploma and posting with his very closed and best friends

The girl that never show her pretty legs and the very popular and handsome (KFC )boy.

Be humble in your life

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life in the streets


Security in Chatuchak................tough life as a student

Food in the Soi . ..................................pleaSe relax when making phone callS


You can find all kinds of honest living in the street

Not to miss even on a raining day, typhoon in Shenzhen, China 23/09/09

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 2 in Hong Kong (Part 5)

Tung Chung.
Here you have most of the branded outlets in Hong Kong. My son told me that his friend informed him that they have the whole year sales. Our first destination on out itinerary was to visit this shopping mall. During my last studies trip of my company, my friends  and I accidentally step into this mall and he bought lot of clothing and bags  for his family.
The only shop that we bought some clothing was from Esprit and we did not buy anything from the rest of the outlets for they are far above our budget.  Well, we are on a bag packed trip and we only bought needed.

North Court

We took Tong Sui in this shop. 

The shop we took the Tong Sui

The Bucket List

I just completed watching this movie and love the song,"Say" sang by John Mayer. The words , ""Say what you need to say"" keep on going through my mind for a specific reason.
Many years back when I was back in Penang, I recalled what my Dad asked my mum when she fell sick.These were the words spoken beside her bed:
What worries do you still have in your mind. There are nothing for you to worry but to let go off all the things in this world. We were born and evenly have to go from here.
Well, after that he started to go through the list ( from his mind) that was everyone in the family, starting from the eldest daugther down to me, the youngest and with these final words, They have all grown up and can take good care of themselves.

When mum passed away, I remembered my eldest sister calling me over to where mum was placed to witness the SMILING FACE OF MUM.

Can we plan our Bucket List now? Well, why not so that we do not regret later on. Maybe it is too young for me to think of it but then I really do think of this when I cannot sleep in the night!!!!

First in my Buckist List , Cherish the happy moments with your loved one,friends and all those that go through your life.

Day 3 . Last day in Hong Kong

Where should we go from now. Dad I have not seen my Net friend>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>what ??

He is my Net friend and is working in Pricewater.......speaks Mandarin more than

A lunch treat by him. Local stall, very Hoh Chiak

Three dishes but very delicious.The curry tasted like the Japanese type.


Tram ride from Central Station to Wan ChAI Station.

RECOMMENDED BY HIS FRIEND :CHEAP fare and can view most of the shopping

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 2 in Hong Kong (Part 4)

Times Square in Hong Kong

XY: We are finally in Times Square. One question that I would like to ask you
Obeiliao: Go ahead.
XY: Do you realise that every country has got one Times Square?
Obeiliao: Yes. Why this question?
XY: Why Malaysia has got 2???
Obeiliao: Well, let me check. I really ""ïm chye""(Hokkien dialect : Do not know)
but let me check. True, lah which ONE is genuine???
Obeiliao: Tao Hin Loh (hokkien dialect: Headache) Tough question. I still have to check first!!
XY: See! see! A gold medallist question, Hee! Hee!

Sight seeing

we must enter this Tram first !!! ............Once inside .Why?? XY asking for help at Tourist Info Counter

Let go here and than here, lah. You see we can take Tram here. Son, move aside lah, the Tram is coming

Day 2. in Hong Kong (Part 3)

At The Peak

Look at the cloud. Two days after the Typhoon has passed through Hong Kong.

Inside the Wax musuem

Obeiliao with the Creator of Wax Museum, Madame Tussaud

Look at XY's expression

Try to outwit his voice?...................A Salute to the creator of war!!!

For this one I need to be serious .................. All men are born equal, LAH.

It is great to stand beside Great Leader and entrepreneur....Well ,Tong Tong Chen too

Michael Yeoh of Malaysia, Oh you are so pretty. XY do not worry, you are handsome too but two inches shorter than me!!!. Watch my show, Hotel, to improve your Hospitality Management.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Day 2 in Hong Kong (Part 2)

The Peak Tram

On the way down

Both of us inside the Tram

The Tram station

Straight from the Avenue of Stars, we walked to the nearest MTR and proceed to Central Station which is on the Island line. From there, we decided to search for the Tram Station that will take us to The Peak. Walked and walked, we finally found Battery Path that lead us to the Tram station

Daddy, we are the right track

The path called Battery Path. We have to follow ths path to the Tram station