Monday, January 10, 2011

Have fun with Bill

Bill with his auntie, Janet
Iphone in our genes???
Recently, my brother and his family came back to Penang for a short holiday. During dinner time, we shared an in depth usage of the Iphone 4. His son, Bill explained to us about the fantastic apps of Google map and also a bit on the robotic car that is on trial in the US by Google. Cool.
Extra usage of this map was shown to us and we also found out that my niece, Nina, was also involved in the production of Google maps in Google. Now, I understand the reason why Nina was able to inform me through email on the availability of Penang Island in the Google Map. That was very great.
Surprisingly, all of us have upgraded our Iphone 3G to 4. While having dinner, I explained to Bill as to why I decided to buy an Iphone. Well, other than the push mail, I have surfed many types of phones and found that none of them have the engineering apps that I needed.
Another main reason was their explanation to me during their earlier trip back to Penang . During that journey from the airport to hotel, the 3 Harvard and 1 MIT scholars gave me their personal opnions. Once that they left Penang , I went straight to the local telecom provider and bought one. Bill send me a note, "It runs in the family".

Have fun with Bill.
Never have I been together with my nephew but during this trip,his extra day in Penang made us very excited. We were delighted to have meals with him. "Have fun with Bill" as yelled his mum to me before flying out Penang a day earlier.

No doubt the lunch time I had with him was quite short, I found out out that he would try any food except the sourish ones. He ordered the Penang, "Char Koay Teow" and loved it. He took a photo snap of the fried noodles. He immediately twittered it and even linked it to an apps , Foodspotting". the website address is Cool, when you know how to use the type of apps from an Iphone. Before dropping back to his hotel, we went over to a stall and bought a local Malay "kueh". I only knew that he loved it when he informed us during dinner time.
A short review of his trip. After arriving in KL, he took a trip down to Singapore to meet up with his friend and then took a trip to explore Malacca, Ipoh and finally met his parents in Penang.

Bill and food
A day earlier, I asked Bill what type of food he would like to eat and he mentioned a type of shell fish. On that night, we drove to a few stalls and finally found it in town. In this coffee shop, "Kopitiam" ( in hokkien dialect) there were many varieties of local Penang food. He ordered prawn mee ; my wife ordered big meehoon and me , meesuai noodle soup . Apart from this we ordered fried oyster with egg and 2 additional dishes : stingray and the shell fish. Bill's mum reminded me that Billy's food could not be too spicy for Bill had to travel a long way.

Shell fish that Bill loved to eat

Fried Oyster with eggs

Pan fried Stingray

Bill posting the food pic to his twitter and Foodspotting.