Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thailand Project (updated 080707)

The Telecom Tower
formerly known as Tongkah Tower

First day on site, I started to see the lack of experience of the construction workers and during this time they were just going to cast the foundation of the Passenger Hoist. I started to supervised the work myself and without knowing my Project Director was observing everything that I have instructed the Thai Foremen. After completed the job, as I entered the site office, he called me into the room and asked me what was the main problem with that work. I started to explained to him about the lack of knowledge by the construction workers and has to explain every construction sequence to them and they were very obedient to follow whatever I have directed. The next day, I was immediately called by the carpenter and bar bender foreman into the site to solved the insitu problems. I was very happy for I have gained the trust of the Thai construction team. The main headache was I have to start to read the Construction drawings immediately so as to avoid making error.

Earlier I mentioned the Thai language that I have learned from the construction and just imagine when my Thai sister, Khun Buay heard it she got shock and pull me to the side and explained to me that there are some words that I should and never speak for they are vulgar words . Well, even when I was in Iran, some of the first few Farsi (Iranian Language) words that I have learned were also vulgar. Maybe these are the way people learn another language faster.

............................con tired . after spending whole day in the Orchard.