Sunday, February 24, 2008

Relative in Kulim

The man from Air Force.

Uncle Hock Leng and wife

(L to R) Me, Uncle, Prof Beng Chin, Uncle's wife, King Siang and Pei Yi

During my younger day, I could only recall that every morning at approximately 6.00am , my uncle would push out his bike, Yamaha Brand, and then start it and off he goes in order to be on time for the ferry going over to Butterworth, Royal Malaysian Air Force.
For this particular Sunday, while visiting the Malaysia Airline Expo at Pisa, Penang, we received a call from my son, Pei Yi, telling us that his car has broken down. He tried to get his car fixed but could not and so finally has to trouble my Uncle, Hock Leng for Phee ho was not in. Gave a call to Uncle and everything was taken care off.
Since I was off on this Sunday, my wife and I decided to visit my son and uncle. Arriving in Kulim, the mechanic was there and after going through the car, he found that the clutch pump (22 year old) could be the main cause of the problem
Well , a new one was replaced at the workshop and we met our Uncle there. We asked him to joined us for a drink and in state of going to coffee shop, he took us back to his house. Why not going to the coffee shop? His answer was his house has got everything and no point going to the coffee shop.
Well, it ended that we even took our lunch there and not to forget his hospitality, extra Roasted pork and chicken for the lunch. His wife also cooked some delicious dishes to compliment the lunch. We met his daughter, Prof. Beng Chin and grandson and daughter in law too. Left after the lunch for Pei yi has to rush back to college.
I recall my father praising him when I was young, " Hock Leng is very sincere, kind and good. I also remember that father has asked him to quit his smoking if I not mistaken! He did it finally.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Roti Canai ( updated 23/02/08

Malaysian Pancake

During this Chinese New Year festival, a lot of Chinese food outlets are closed and hence my wife and I have to go to our favorite Muslim food stall and the nearest one is beside the Penang Floating Mosque.

Penang Floating Mosque

(Normally taken in the morning)

Over here I ordered my favorite Roti Canai

How to make it

Type of Roti canai

1. Plain ( canai itself with gravy and some time with sugar)
2. Canai with egg
3. Canai with egg and onion

Egg and onion are mixed together..........spread over the dough and then wrap over

Put it over the heated pan with oil poured around it
and wait for it to be cooked

4. Canai with onion

Step 1 : Flatten it and spread it thinner

Step 2: Make it thin by flipping it in the air

Step 3: Fold it and put it on the hot pan

Step 4: When cook, chop it into smaller piece,
Looks oily but it is very tasty

Step 5: Serve it with the gravy: spicy and non spicy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Relative from KL

A very closed friend

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year's event in Ivory Birch House (updated 16/02/08)

The staff of ivory waiting for the Lion Dance to start

Family ..................................................................................staff

A post of this auspicious event .................................Ng and family,

Different departments:,Mechanical, ID,Structural and not to forget Property

Civil, Structural,Property,and M & E ,Contract , Purcurement and staff

And finally not to forget the generous "ANG POW" from our BOSS
(no sign, no take!)

The Lion Dance

Most of us assembled at the head office, Birch House to see this marvellous event as instructed by our boss.

Getting ready for the dance.....................................and start.........

The two lion entering Birch house..............................and then through the Main Door.
On top of the door, a plate indicating 1908, Birch House is 100 years old

The lions kept on dancing right into the marketing area and going round the Island Resort model and back to the marketing table

Sweet Mandarin Orange attracted the the lions

And back to main lobby, reception , and kept on dancing to the rhythm of the big drum.

And finally eating the Mandarin Orange on the table

What was left by the Lion on the table

A Big Applause

Friday, February 08, 2008

Surprised Visitors

Closed friends
(A short note on my closest friend)

Most of the time, I normally have friends visiting me during Chinese New Year but then they would not meet me for on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, I would normally travel down to Setiawan, Perak with family for my in law stayed there. Well, on this New Year, I was very surprised to received an sms from my very closed friend daughter asking me whether I was at home. I reply that I was at home and she replied that they on the way to my house. Wow! what a surprise.
I went into the kitchen and told my wife that Ah Moi 's family was on the way here. She told me that we were lucky to meet them for most the time when they came to my house, I was not in.

Well, coming into the house was his husband,2nd daughter,Andrea and youngest son, Andrew
Unfortunately, her eldest daughter was not around for she was down to her mother side.

Time fly so fast, since the death of my friend, Ah Moi (a year ago) I could only now talk to her daughter through phone asking her on her education and well being of the whole family.
The final conversation I have with Ah Moi was when I was in PJ asking her on the opinion of my youngest son studying in Taylor College and she would advise me this and that and even show me around where her new office is.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Passport Renewal

Making a new passport for my son
( well done Immigration Department)

Went to the immigration office and worrying how long it will take to renew the passport. Well, got a big surprise for it took less then 10minutes and we were out to take our breakfast.

Went into the office and one officer approached us and ask whether our passport has expired and my son answered her, still valid for 5 months. flipping through it and confirmed that my son passport is of the chipped type,she told us to go
into a room to renew it. Oh oh we will be renewing it through the computer machine.

Step 1. Fill up the content in an envelope and put one photo inside.
Step 2. Went over to the machine and press the renewal
Step 3. Placed the passport into the slot when requested. The machine read the chip and requested my son to place his right thumb over the reader.
Step 4. Confimed every detail inside is correct: Name, IC, height. and then pressed the ok button. the next question was 32 pages or 6
4 pages.
Pressed the required button
Step 5. The final question the amount to be paid. Placed one piece at a time into the slot whether a RM 50 or RM 100.
Step 6. When all was completed, put the old passport and a new passport sized photo into the envelope ( step 1) , closed
it and put it into the slot requested.
Step 7. Collected the receipt and the time to collect it was printed on the receipt too.

My son and I finally walked out of the i
mmigration office within 10 minutes and went to take our favorite lunch at a lane behind HSBC bank. He collected his passport 10 minutes late from the time given but I considered it not a problem for this machine has arrived in this department 2 weeks ago and they have to get use to it.

My son favourite Roti Chanai. Hoh chiak

Celebration before closing for Chinese New Year

Site Gathering.

Before closing the site, we normally have our lunch and then "happy hour" at the site.
"Talk 3 Talk 4" on the past event

Visitors to the Moonlight Bay Show unit

The daughter of my staff kept on asking me questions on the show unit.
where does this staircase link to?
can use , the cooking equipments ? Blah blah.

Most of the time, I am wondering whether she will speak out. Well none stop questions. Maybe one of the future architect lah!! Her eyes are sharp.

Publish Post
Engineers who designed this Show Unit relaxing by the pool after their final inspection.

Who is this little " Barbie doll "

Sherlynn, one of our staff daughter

Hi Uncle Kang, this Show Unit is so beautiful.
Look at the sparrow,land and taking, off from the pools.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Tradition cooking

What do I have to do on the New Year Eve? Well, my parent have always carried out this procedure on New Year Eve
Foods that we have to cook and pray to our ancestors. The types of foods that my wife has to cook which has been pass down through generation. Even the 2 bowls for each dishes and 6 no of dishes are fixed.

Folding Table with all the dishes placed ready for praying to Ancestor

The 2 types of Soups which we normally cooked

Mixed vegetables and sea cucumber

Lok bak and Bang Kuang Char

Additional lettuce for making Chinese Spring Rolls

Finally the reunion dinner.

During the dinner, my wife asked whether we can cooked the sea cucumber in Hock
Chew style, "tomato sea cucumber".All in the family agreed. We can only eat this dish whenever we were down in Ayer Tawar for a day trip.

Do not stir the soup son!!!