Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hasan Kif Project

Hasan Kif Sub Station
Site Facilities
This Substation was constructed on a farm land . We removed the topsoil off with a motor grader until it reached a good subgrade which was approved by the MELCO's engineer. After that we started to plough the soil and heaved them up in row. After completing it, we imported stone,gravel and added them to the individual row of soil. The motor grader would then mixed them with it blade like spatula until they were evenly mixed. Next, it would spread and leveled these soil mixture and was further compacted with a 25ton vibrator compactor until it reaches sufficient density. The whole procedure was to strengthen the bearing capacity of the soil.
When soil treatment of the whole substation was completed, another Engineer ,Leong from JEL with me started to set out the surveying the control grid outside the substation. I learned surveying when I was working at the Jalan Ipoh Overpass in KL. When all the traverse points were closed, we started to set out the grid of the whole substation. The engineer left after completing the surveying work for the substation.
During this period, we started to construction the foundation for the 40 ft cabin which will be arriving within a month. All concrete for these footings were mixed at site. A month later, all the cabin started to arrived from Neka Site. When the first cabin arrived on site, something happened to the footing of the cabin. They all cracked up and upon examining them later,I found out that concrete frosted during curing time. I was scolded by the Mechanical Project Manager, Mr Khor Kim Lee for this matter. Mr Khor was sent intentionally from Singapore to help us on the mobilisation of all these cabins. He would start transporting the cabin at 7.00am in Neka and by 2.00pm he would arrive at my site. He will operated the mobile crane personally and put the cabin on base. Once completed he would followed the trailer back to Neka which he would normally reached by 11.00pm of the same day. He would then start the whole process again the following morning. He was given a nick name,"Superman of JEL" He was a very kind man and and would treat all staff with respect, I would always remember that he bought a wild swan and let the whole camp eat after being cooked but unfortunately the meat was very fibrous.
In the mobile office

When all the cabins have arrived, a group of mason also came along and we started to built all the site facilities one at the time by following a drawing which was given to me. Canteen, Bathroom,Staff recreation room and the most important were 2 wells which we pumped water out for our drinking water . The water was then filtered before consumption

I remembered that I personally took sample of this water back to the Singapore for the lab to verify that it was safe for drinking and also concreting during my 1st R & R.

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