Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What to do if you lost your credit card.

I cannot write the whole story until the case has been solved. Please have the patient to wait for this topic

Ladies and Gentleman , you are out of ..........air space.

Oop . I have stop writing my blog for so long........... I writing this title is to remind me of the situation when I was in Iran..

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Boracay in Philippine

Our journey started off from Penang Island straight after my wife finished her work ,rushing to the airport at around 4.15 pm and reaching KLCC by 8.00 pm. Here we waited till midnight and boarded Cebu Pacific  at 1.05 am . Well, I made a mistake during booking this flight and have to pay an extra to convert the departure date . Indeed very careless due to the last minute  booking or maybe because I was too sleepy for my flight was booked during midnight . Another incident happened when we were waiting for the connecting fly to Manila in KLCC . I spilled my cup of hot coffee and nearly soiled my wife pants. She was furious but cool down when we started to check in at  airline counter

Regardless , we finally reached Manila around 5.05am . My friend , Seck Kean was there to receive us . She,too,has also just arrived back to Manila from their short trip in Taipei , attending a friend wedding. She took us to the Remington hotel beside the airport and after showing us the layout of the casino and where the cinema was ,she left for her home.
We have to wait till around 12. 00 noon before we were allowed to check in. Early check in before 12.00 am would cost us an addition half day rate base on the normal rate. Lucky for us, the kind hotel receptionist helped us on this matter and we were allowed to check in by 10.00 am .


Boarding  Cebu Pacific . Perfect pilot who landed the plane beautifully.

Taking a short nap and by 3.00 pm, we were on our way to look around Manila. My friend 's apartment was about 10 minutes from the hotel and she took us to Mall of Asia to start our shopping. 
By the way , we were staying in Resort Hotel under the Genting Group and definitely a Casino beside , a large one . I have never gamble in a casino ,even when traveling under my company. In our room , everything was minimum ,not even drinking water . Later I found out that we have to patronize the casinos to  often to get our free mineral water. That will definitely get me addicted to gambling. I told myself , that I would be trick  it. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Good Old Neighbor , The Barber

These  few  nights , I could not sleep well again. Again stressed up due to my work load could be  one of the main reason and or another  reason would likely be,  my hair is too long and time to visit my friendly neighbor, Gunalan.

Reaching there in less than 3 minutes, very near to present house, I decided to ask him about the photo that was his deck of  his shop. A picture of him trimming the hair of our former Penang Chief Minster, Dr. Lim Chong Eu. .  He always tell me that he trimmed a lot of Distinquish people even the present Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng and indeed is very happy  and proud to be in this profession.
Being a neighbor for so many years , when he was trimming my hair, he would ask about the welfare of my whole family. During my last trip there, he was asking about my eldest brother and thinking that he would not close his business that early , I did not tell him that my brother was back for a few days , and was going to have our family reunion dinner straight behind his barber shop. , so as to surprise him when we were there .Unlucky indeed for he closed quite early that day .

While siting on the barber chair ,he started again his topics, where is Boon, Ho ,See and etc.
This time I would ask him ,why I did not learn Tamil language from him and instead he laughed away and said  that he managed to learn my  dialect, " Hokkien ". Well, he has to for majority of the  heads  belong to Hokkien's. Ha ,ha!  more Hokkien in this small Tanjong Bungah 's village. 

When I was studying in college, his mum would cook and give   me a bowl of Curry mutton when I returned home. So today I told him I will write something about him in my blog when I get home.  
His shop in front of a restaurant called Tsunami 

Him posting for me with a picture of Dr. Lim Chong Eu .

Gunalan ,concentrating on his work .

Below articles of him  written by a local Magazine 

A picture of him with our Ex Chief Minister of Penang .

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Star is born


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pulau Redang,Trengganu,Malaysia

My wife has been requesting me to go to our local marine islands and I always decline the ideas simply because I do not have knowledge of the route of that side of Malaysia. Furthermore, I do not want to drive unless I have to. A trip to this beautiful marine island came as a surprise.

How it happened
First, was a surprised call from our eldest son telling us that he was coming home for a week holiday . Most of the time he could not get his leave approved and also  his leave was normally taken during the  Cosplay exhibition in Singapore.  And secondly ,a call too from my youngest son who has recently gone back  to work in Abu Dhabi . He called up mentioning that  he was total stressed up due to his work , non stop working , and wish to return .Well ,I asked to arrange the same period that his brother was returning .  Luckily , he could return on that date as requested. Again his transit is in Bangkok, for his food and visiting his very good friend. 

Trip to Pulau Redang
We were all very excited and has to plan in such a schedule that both have time to eat the local food before going back.  Managed to book everything thing through a local tour agent , Rm 510 per person a including our transport from Penang to the port . We found out later through some travellers that it could be cheaper. Well, last minute booking is always like that.
On that same day my youngest son arrived by flight from Bangkok , we set off. As usual ,we prearranged with the Agent to pick us all up at Penang Times Square so as to park the company car at its car park. Convenience too on our return from the marine island .

Waiting for the van at the bus stop in front of Penang Times Square..

My son, as usual at his game console once on our way. His hobby.

The van was there to pick us up earlier by 10 minutes and we were on our way.
On the way , we also pick up two extra passengers  and a co- driver who wanted to pick up his van in Trengganu. The journey as expected was quite winding as informed by my collegue who has made their trip to other Marine island beside Redang . We left Penang at 10.00 pm and finally reached a Town called Marang by 5.00 am  

Well , since it was so early , the driver was very kind to drive us to Kuala Treangganu and took us to China Town to have our breakfast . About 7.00 am , he dropped the two passengers and drove back to the Marang port . From Marang, the speed boat took us to the island in approximately 35 minutes . 

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown 

Our breakfast in the local coffee shop . Good noodle .

Waiting for the receptionist to sort us our room and including 
Briefing on our meals and on sea safety ., jelly fish and use of safety
floating vast ..

We reached by 10.00am. Almost 12 hours after leaving Penang. Once we were given the key
to the room ,we checked in and have our short nap immediately for at around 2.00pm, we will have our first snorkeling . Just to remind our readers, our price includes room,all meals and trip to the islands, including the marine park
Both boys in the water 

One of our rooms 

Lucky to have wifi here . Our rooms is quite near to the receptionist counter

The rooms

Fun in the island 

Mum (lady in red) learning to take a shot of sunrise from a China professional photographer 
which we met during this journey.


Xing Yi jumping out of the sea .

My photo shot of the sunrise

During this trip, our family met 3 ladies from China lady, a professor in music , a professional photographer and a pediatrician. Other than this, IR Dr Lim's family from Kluang, Johor who is staying in Hong Kong. Mr. Lim is  a Professor in Civil Engineering and is lecturing in Hong Kong university.

With IR Dr. Lim's family .

Mum having a farewell photo shot with the China ladies before going on our separate way

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Project Management.

My years in the construction industry.What have I learned throughout all this years and advice given by all the Project Head or Company Head .

This topic is not that easy to write and is very subjective to the type of Projects you are working on.  The most important is how much one is being exposed due to circumstances and the confident  to apply them or given the authority opportunity to use it. No many company will give a young man this authority due to his exposure in the business world.
Anyway, let get started...

A few years back,after attending a seminar on Microsoft Project.on my own cost, I realised that whatever I have learned throughout my year in this industry might be taught to some needed  people especially studying .students from a college beside my house...
I started planning from a very young age. During one night, my mum stood beside me and asked me as to why I could not sleep. I told her that it could be due to short nap that I have taken in the afternoon. She started to ask me that since I could not sleep ,I should analyse what I have done for whole day. She asked me to go into area like what I should improve , what I have not done and should get them done the following day, .Apart from these , never to repeat any wrong thing that I have done. .etc....
All these helped me till this day to think ahead before going to bed. I really wonder whether this really gave me all the grey hair or was it hereditary.

Planning, planning.............ahead is what one should do before starting anything.
A full planning need to be drawn up, Work Break Structure (WBS), will be initiated to describe the work involved. Brain Storming of the project during a regular meetings.............etc......or during a tea session ..
In one of the seminar that I have given in my company..a class of 15 ended up to 60!! in 2 sessions.  An engineer commented on my WBS presentation, you have so many things to list out before the Commencement of a Project , after the seminar. 

A. Project Concept.

   The person who has the idea wish to proceed with to see the project get started. The Sponsor or Client
  want to be certain that the project is viable and the risk they are undertaking are cleared before continuing.
  If it is an in house project, the Project Manager and its team will take full responsible in providing the Boss
  their expertise on the pros and cons of the project. Nevertheless, the decision will rest on the Stakeholders
  if it is public listing company.

Concluded as
1. Aim of the Project
2. Background
3. Key Assumptions and Constraints
4. Cost-Benefit Analysis
5. Risk assessment.

B.  Project  Charter.

Here, a full briefing of this project will be explained to the relevant parties, Project Team comprising of
Project Manager, Architect and all Consultants involving with this project. Normally, a weekly Consultant meetings to slash out problem from Authorities down to the awarding of a reliable contractors for this project. Normally, a word of " Thank you" for their assistance in making this project successful at end of the first meeting.  Starting off on the right atmosphere on the first meeting is very important. 


Saturday, April 21, 2012

What type of smart phone should I buy

Daily Questions. (updated 20/5/12)

Most of the time while having our tea break, everyone would talk about ,is Iphone better than Samsung or Blackberry and eventually they will point at me to answer all the questions related to Iphone and recently they have diverted some questions to a my friend who is using a Samsung. I have told them so many time, again and again. What Do You Want To Do With Your Smart Phone.???? .
Iphone have its own operating system and so definitely not compatible with other handheld Window and Andriod system. An answer from them , " Selfish " Apple.  I am not an expert in Iphone  but due to my sharing nature , I am always being taught by people who are more expert than me. Even an Iphone expert from Maxis, my local Telco, would called me over to his counter to share something new in the Iphone when he saw me in the Telco centre

When I bought my first Iphone, 3G , I found that it was so easy to access internet, the touch screen was so smooth and sensitive. Apart from these , I found so many Engineering apps, free and  for some I have to purchase at a reasonable price. At one time , I sat down to search the apps from Blackberry for my boss wanted  me to use a corporate unit. Well, sorry to say, I told my IT head that Blackberry does not have Engineering Apps and got the permission of not using it.The other reason was that I have to carry along two mobile phones.. I am in the construction job other than carrying my mobile phone , I still have to carry the walkie talkie and sometime drawings and other gadgets for site usage. Do you find that I am carrying too many things? At one stage, my colleague commented that my pant is dropping....  Regardless, eventually my Telco gave an offer a corporate package to those using Iphone who wanted to merge to their corporate line which I eventually took it. 

There are so many things to learn from Iphone and before I got to understand  my first unit another unit 3GS was out and until today I am still learning how to operate an Iphone 4S. Sometime I really hate it but no choice at all . Even when one of my model, 3GS broke down due to some key functions, I was totally lost and have to pass the horrible week until my local Telco gave me a free new replacement unit. Well, I got so use to Iphone that trying to use other type and to start learning all over was indeed wasting alot of my time. 

One thing bad about Iphone is I have to save some money every month in order to purchase a new model each year!!!!! Apple does not offer regular and loyal customer a special price for their loyalty!!!!! Or was it the local Telco no offering us. Apple should start the ball rolling on this matter. They have so much to give away recently and this could be one good suggestion of returning to her customer. Apple, please take not of this!!!!
Recently ,my colleague went to Japan and found that he could not send out SMS  using his Malaysia roaming card but was able to receive . He went to such an extend  as to ask me to check with our local Telco and  during that time for Japan's Apple outlet could not find a good solution to his problem. When he returned from Japan, I asked him whether the Japan's Apple counterpart has tried using a local Japanese sim card to send a SMS with his Iphone. He answered, "NO". Well,they should have tried. Whenever I traveled to Bangkok, I would let the local Telco use my Iphone or lpad to load up their sim card before taking up their offer.... This will definitely confirm my Iphone from Malaysia was working and accepting their local networks. During my trip to UK, attending my son convocation, I also encountered a problem, cannot log in to the internet with my Malaysia's Iphone 4, calling up the local Telco, O2, they asked me to configure acccordingly to the method sent to me in my email.  Using my son computer, I did as instructed and my Iphone was running perfectly.....Well done, O2,.....I do not any problem when in Paris... Lucky me.

Being in the construction industry, my Iphone is definitely exposed to heavy usage and also has to withstand the roughness of my working condition. First the dirt, secondly the sweat that I will putting it onto the screen for I sweat alot while on site inspection. At one stage, the touch screen could not scan my finger and I have to clean the screen by just using my jean......no tissue paper around.
So far the worst scenario was I dropped my Iphone while climbing up a hill slope of 45 degree.....not to forget having to run while being chased by fire fly recently in the orchard. A few bites and finally a doctor injection to ease the itchiness ......life is very interesting......
Regardless, I am having a very tough protective shell for my recent Iphone. "Turtle ninja style"

Reading habit have eventually cost me to wear higher power spectacle and also eventually getting a Ipad 2.  Whatever apps that  I have purchased for Iphone , I could transfer to my Ipad. For me, reading from Ipad  are so much better during most my trip. I do not need to carry many story books  for my back packing trip. .including having my favorite movies and magazine. But the bad part is I am carry so many chargers. Do you ever wonder???
Example of the type of chargers : Camera, Iphone, Ipad, adaptor, headphone, small external speaker and sometime an extra mobile phone for local sim card.

My Iphone has only 16GB capacity. I could save for upgrading, buying a new Iphone yearly or in future, due to advancement of the New Chipsets .... like computer for every 3 years!!!! By the way, it would be good that  future Iphone having dual sim cards...... for travellers. Roaming chargers are so expensive and due to company commitment, I do not off my local line and on it for oversea roaming, but OFF my Data Roaming.

Before I stop this article, Iphone battery do not last long. If you ever walk into a Apple store, they will tell you many things and the most common which I normal told my friend or guided them hand on with their unit.

How to save battery power
1. Off the wifi when not in use
2. Off the bluetooth too.
3. Off Apps notifications for those that you are not using. set them to Manually
4. Bring the brightness down to 50% and set auto brightness : ON.
5  When you have off your Hotspot, Please return to Setting to off your Wifi and Bluetooth after using it. Normally Apple store do not tell their customer on this matter. When you on the hotspot, Wifi and Bluetooth are automatically turn On
6. Finally examine yourself. Fully charge your Iphone before going to bed. Unplug your Iphone at 100% battery and leave overnight till morning and check the following morning how many person left. For me, I managed to save almost 80%. If you find that it has dropped to a very low level then you examine all the apps that you have in it .
7. Always turn off and reboot your Iphone once a week. Iphone is like a computer and doing it will help 
8. Last, off the apps by pressing the Home button twice and delete all apps that were running in the back ground.
9. Whatever I have missed, Just Do It , to save the battery.

Hope that the above will help each one of you who are using an Iphone or smart phone. My friend who is using a Samsung S2  recently told me that the battery for his unit drain off so fast.  I told him that he is using a Smart phone . Go back to the old convectional  unit and that battery will last  for a week!!!! Hee Hee, no Email, internet bl.......and even no camera. cost only , Rm 120....
Do you realise that whenever there was launching  for a new smart phone, new Rechargeable battery were also on display.!!!!! Got 

I could hear one off my staff jokingly calling  out loudly at the end of the office, ask Steve Kang, over there..!!!!!!!!!!!Wow , since when I have adopted a name Steve!!. Mine as always should be , "Obeiliao"

Finally I would opt for Iphone and Samsung .Choose smartly !!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The day I lost my iPhone.

Losing My IPhone.
Never have I lost a handphone before but for this trip I lost my IPhone 4 to a pickpocket .

How did it happened?
During our the last day in Bangkok as usual we took our breakfast in the hotel and collected our passport from the counter. As we were to go back to our room, my wife suggested to make our last minute shopping in the Soi (Word for lane in Thai ). We have approximately 30 minutes to shop and then return to our room to bath and collect our bags before departing for the airport with the airport link. Hurrilly, we shopped and when returning to the hotel, I was informed by the hotel staff that my bag pack was not zipped . I zipped it back and returned to my room. As usual, before leaving my room, I searched for my Iphone to turn it off, than only did I noticed  that my iPhone was gone. Pouring our my bag pack , I could only found my passport, and my wallet. My wife helped me to search for it and agreed that it was stolen.
Recalling that I zipped up my back pack in the lobby. I finally agreed that my iPhone was gone....

We took our luggages and were on our way to the airport train terminal, a short distance from our hotel. My mind flashed though on what action I should first. Calling Buay to inform her  of what happened was the first choice for she could ask the local Thailand's Telco on what I should do for she too has a iPhone.

Do you know what to do when you lost a smartphone like an IPhone?

Lucky for me, my iPad was not lost and I started to surf the internet for information. Regardless, I asked my wife to call her friend in Malaysia  and eventually I was called up by Malaysia's Telco, Maxis  asking me to verify so that they could lock the sim card. 
What about all the information in my iPhone? I do not set any password and that mean the thief could excess to all my personal information. While in the airport, I started to log in into my all email accounts and change all the passwords, 4 emails. I could only change 2 emails before flying off to my next destination,Hatyai.  Upon arrival in Hatyai, the Malaysia border town , I managed to change all the passwords for all my emails. Not that easy to change the passwords for I never done them before and searching them in the dialog box was indeed hard.
The biggest mistake that I made what I did not made a police report before leaving Thailand through this border town for this report could  help me to claim from the insurance.
Back in Penang, I went to the Telco outlet and immediately bought a new iPhone and started to synchronize with my desktop computer. Lucky for me, I have set the Itunes to auto syn and hence all my contacts and info could still be downloaded to my new Iphone.
Looking through all the apps in my new Iphone, I realised that I have left my all credit card no and not the password in the Note apps. Well, feeling very uncomfortable, I called all the credit card centers and was informed that I could changed all of them with no extra charges.

What action should one take when losing a Iphone

1. Call your Telco to lock the sim
2. Make a police report in order to claim from insurance
3. Quickly access your emails to change all the passwords
4. Even if you could change all the password and lock the sim card, the thief could still log in to see your exciting data if he turn on the "airplane"mode. 
5. Erasing all data from Apple, 'Find my iPhone." To what extend i do not know.
6. Change your Apple ID password 
7. Other thing that you could think of

Well, a really sad and costly incident for I have to buy a new Iphone out front for there are no extended plan for my Telco existing data plan which will be expiring in 10 months time.

As commented by some friends jokingly,
" He purposely lost his Iphone 4 so that he could upgraded to Iphone 4s without getting  scolded ." 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two days in Bangkok City

In most of my Bangkok trips, I would be searching for my computers, iPad 2 and IPhone accessories. Even going around on the sky train looking at construction for new technical construction knowledge but this trip was totally different for I have to accompany my wife window shopping..... As usual , going to all the stalls in Pratunam !!! and also the Platinum on the opposite site of the road. Other than that we also went over to MBK and returning in night where both of us were too tired to walk and finally calling it a day at 9.00 pm.

The following day, we woke up very early and started window shopping again. Our main destination was to pay respect to the Four Face Buddha at Amarin .After that we took the sky train down to visit Terminal 21 beside Asoke Station and finally to Platinum where my wife will have her final shopping. "Nothing suit my taste for most the clothings are for younger generation" , was her comments . Getting old ..........,,,,,!!,,!,, we acknowledged ..


We have a very irregular meal for we kept on eating the food along the Thanon ( Road) and Soi ( lane) . Finally, we bought a waterproof bag for our neighbor, Mr. Soo who will be cycling from Penang to UK with his closed friend , Tim from France... and other cyclists. They aim to be in UK before the start of the Olympic.
Before the end of the day, like my son, we bought many varieties of food from the Soi and ate them in our rooms .
Time for bed .... 12.15 am to post this blog .

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