Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Portrait of myself

Trip to Iran 30 years (2010) later

The first day in Iran 1980

Other pictures at Hasankif and Neka site

Look at the amount of clothes I wore during winter

In Neka substation

In Hasankif, Mazandaran. You can find many local handmade carpets knitted by the local people.

Many types of Iranian foods

All these were normally served during a meal
( In Persian language,Farsi, is given by my friend :Maral Mayeh.
All types of Salad

All types of Pickles

Mixed Vegetables

Olive ( In Farsi : Zeytun)

Salted cucumber
(In Farsi:Khuyar Shur)

The Olive is mixed with Nuts and Pomegranate Sauce,
Garlic and herbs..........Yummyy

Butter is compulsory

Butter to stir into the rice

Alcarte Dish

Rice with lamb shank

Yogurt Drink


Yoghurt (in Farsi: Maast)
All types of Bread

In Farsi: Lavaash Naan

In Farsi : Sangak Naan

Types of rice

Plain rice

Rice with vegetables

Types of Kebab




Monday, September 27, 2010

The Arabian Night Dinner

In the wood and outskirt of Tehran

I love this place.

Our Iranian Breakfast

Breakfast in the Hotel

Hot Water Pot
(In Farsi: Samavar)

Bread (In Farsi: Barbari Naan) and Yogurt (In Farsi :Maast)

Olive Prickle (In Farsi: Zeytun)

Fruits (In Farsi:Sib (apple), Holu (Peach), Limu Shirin (sweet Lemon)
Angur (Grape), Golabi (pear),Shalil (Nectarine)

Salted Cucumber (In Farsi: Khiyar Shur)

Boiled mushroom and cheese

Boiled Bean with Tomato sauce and Ratatouille

The Iranian Bread

The making of Lavaash Naan,

The road that lead to the pastry bread house

The bread house

2 different type of breads

The typical bread ( Lavaash Naan)