Monday, April 16, 2007

Dog Training

My New Dog, Baby.

Today, I took my dog to a training class so that the teacher could assess her before allowing her to join the training sessions with the existing group of dogs. The result turns out good in term of her temperamental.The trainer is quite worry earlier for she is 1 year and 9 months old. She was given to us 3 weeks ago and has all the uncomfortable behaviour as compare to the rest of my 3 dogs. Well it is a pedigree, Labrador Retriever and comparing to my 3 dogs she has very high IQ as a guide dog. My 3 dogs were also given to us. one a
GSD( German Shepherd) and Labrador mixed, a dachshund and finally a blind chihuahua.
Why so many dogs in your house? You really loves dogs Eh!.
Well, my father use to have as many as 9 dogs in our plantation and as the story goes one of them could even track all the way from
Balik Pulau back to my farm. "Hoh liao Kow",( English meaning very good and intelligent dog)
In this group of 9 dogs, one was good in fighting and the other good in biting snake and the rest were average. Both dogs died opposite of their expertise that was the fighter died of snake bite and the snake expertise died of fighting with the neighbour dogs.
My wife and I went to the MPH book store and found a book called Old Dog, New Tricks (Understanding and Retraining Elderly and Rescued Dogs.) by David Taylor. Will read them tomorrow night. A surprised thing happened after I took her back to the house that was on the command word, IN, she leaped immediately into her cage. Has she been observing all the dogs training in the field when I was talking to the trainer? All the dogs were trying to jump over a hurdle and only the Japanese dog ,Akita, made it. Normally, I have to push her into the cage and you can just image how heavy it is. Even my neighbour Brother Hui, who always feed my dogs when we were away for a short holiday, also commented on its weight. Thing started to change. It stops using her head to push me but approaches me in the front to bark and asking me for something which I do not understand. Have to read the book to understand her better.Anyway it is not going for the training yet for she is on heat, Aya!!! has to move all the male dogs out of the way temporary.
Lost and found
When I was working in University Place project, during my lunch break, my friend and I was cruising along Green Lane and we noticed a dog being chased by passer by and none of them managed to catch it. I told my friend that the dogs must be frightened and wet due to the slight drizzle. My friend looked at me and asked whether we could rescue it and I reply why not and I let my friend took over the wheel and upon cornering it ,I went out to catch it. First think that I thought was how to catch it and upon reaching it, he tried to escape and stared at me. I was thinking that if this dog is a pedigree than there must be some command that it understood. Well to try it , I squatted down and used a command hand signal which I normal do for my dog and to my surprise he came towards me and start wagging its tail. I praised him and after wiping him a bit dry, lifted him up at the back of my Storm., we took him back to the site. All my friends were full of praised for it for it did not move out from it seated position until I took him back after my work. I went over to pet shop and informed them of what I have found and they try to help me to find the rightful owner by posting a lost and found ad through the Internet. A day later I received a call from them informing me that they have found the owner and asked my permission for the owner to view the dog on Sunday. That dog is a pedigree Bull terrier. The dog owner came on that day and upon seeing the daughter , presuming the handler, it turned all its feet upwards toward the sky and started to be on submission mode playing with the daughter. I told the owner that they can have the dog back.. Bye bye ,bull terrier.
A Blind Dog
My friend , Ah Too, called me one day to informed me that he has got a friend giving away puppy . I asked what type and he answered back ET. Anyway, I told him that was okay we us and he called me in the night asking me to pick it up. We were so exciting about this ET puppy upon checking with the dog book, we found that it is a Chihuahua.
On the first day ,it started to play in its new home and one night my younger son called me and told me that something was wrong with the dog for it keep on knocking on the wall ,cupboard chairs and so on. I told him that we will take it to see the vet and sad to said the vet confirmed that it is blind and ask whether we would like to put it to sleep and we said NO. The Vet charge only a few ringgit for medicine, worming tablet , and free on consultation. Even Vet has the heart.
Slowly the puppy started to avoid knocking on furniture around the house and we realised that we cannot move any of the furniture around and it started to get adopted to its environment.
Now it started to moved around the house by its own instinct without knocking anything even in the garden. Sometime we were asking our self whether it is blind or not. As the Vet has mentioned, let nature takes it own path, the puppy will be ok.

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