Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The dos and don'ts of Qing Ming

Qing Ming etiquette as per expert, Taoist master Go bai Lin

Tomb -sweeping day or qing Ming, is when the Chinese honour their ancestors by tending to their graves.
4th of April which happen to fall on Wednesday is Qing Ming day but it is acceptable to visit the ancestral graves in within 10days before or after 10days. Under his adivice, people are advised not to go on the 6 day, April 10 for it is "Poh yat" day
The reason why people in the olden days are allowed the 20 days grace period in because in olden China , people has to walk back to the home, village and normally walking will take some time and hence the duration of 20days are allowed.

According to Go,the three best dishes are chicken , fish and roasted pork. Another must have is fruit but do not use fruits like watermelon,papaya,bitter gourd and winter melon for they all end up with cantonese sounds of GUA meaning DIE. the use of pumpkin (kam Gua) however , is accptable because kam signifies "Gold".

When offering these paraphernalia, it is unwise to fill one's name but just write ,"from your son" on it. It is also improper for menstruating women to go to Qing Ming for most of the time they have to step over other people grave and hence better to stay at home. Sometime this action will cause miscarriage!

The ancestors look forward to Qing Ming for it is only at this time that they able to come out and to see their grandson and they may not be expecting a feast but do not be stingy with your offerings for they have raised you up for many years and also this is the only time of the year that you pay them a visit

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