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Penang Projects.June 1984 to August 1991

The Prestigious Hotel Equatorial of Penang,Malaysia

Hotel Equatorial
5 Star hotel on the top of the Golf course

The "Kek Chan" (Hotel) was constructed in Penang and it was built on top of a golf course. My first day at the site was with my boss and also Project manager. Looking at the site, I asked my boss who was to carry out the survey and he mentioned that he has no contracted out the job yet. I told him in that case, I would carry out the survey job and he asked me what do I need? Well, I said 2 Theodolites (calibrated) and one standby in Kuala Lumpur, Head Office,. He answered ok . The following day with the surveyor plan in my hand, I started demarcating all the boundary stones and also the grid set by the License Surveyor. After that I started offsetting all the control points and also the Main grid of the Hotel. Final when the piler turned up, the excavator operator asked me where is the first piling point and I pointed at the peg that was the edge of the slope. The Piling supervisor told me that the excavator will be cutting a path to enable the piling frame to move to it piling location . So when the 1st piling platform was completed, piling started and have to stop for we encountered border below. Well construction for hill slope will always be encountering border most of the time. Not to worry for the experienced excavator, Ah Beng , started to expose and remove all the borders for every piling position before we move in. The next recommended person worth mentioning was the piling foreman, "Lau Chang", who has saved the piling frame from running into the golf course. This incident happened so sudden without the slighted warning and the witty foreman, "Lau Chang",shafted a Schedule 80 pipe into the sprocket of the piling rig to stop it. The piling rig swayed forward and backward before came to tremendous halt. When everything was back to normal, "Lau Chang"asked the operator to park the rig properly and then suspended the job for that day.
Constructing this hotel was very tough and all the survey points must be set once the piling stop. That mean when the operator stop piling at 6.00pm of each day, I have to peg new points immediately so they could continue piling the following day. On points that the piling frame failed to drive in the piles, micropile will be used to replaced them.
This project moved very smoothly except for the reccession. During the project, Mr. Ong Lye Seng, the Project manager guide me very well. Our boss who always turn up taught me what is hotel,from concept to finishing. He would always reminded me not to carry mud with my safety shoe into the hotel once it was in operation. Not to forget the Architect from William,Tong,Goo USA. and also the M&E clerk of work, Mr Chong Kok Mun, who assisted and guide me on the M & E services inside the hotel.
I might have the experience of heavy industries job but Hotel Equatorial was totally different and I have to start fresh, learning on the Architectural and ID work. When Hotel equatorial was completed I found out from the surveyor of the License Surveyor company that his boss was wondering who is this Kang that was carrying out the survey works by himself. He commented that his boss was very pleased with my work after they have completed the 'as built' survey of the whole job. Before I left Hotel Equatorial, I would like to thank, Hon Kee, for being so concern of my daily safety in the field work. He would stay back each day until I have returned to the site office normally around 7.15pm from the bottom of the hill.
There was a period of time before I went over to construct Inventec and during this period , I have managed to learn how hotel was operated and also assisted on the maintenance. Things that you build wrongly will be a problem to them (operation )when they took over the building.
Inventec Electronic Factory, Bayan lepas,Penang
The Inventec Factory ( Taken on 2007)

This factory was constructed within 5 months, if I am not mistaken. Mr Ong was talking to me one day on the new job that I will be constructing and I told him that the new project Excel Logistic factory will be very tough and has to be completed in 6 months time. He asked me not to worry for I have completed Inventec factory within 5 months. Do not worry for you would be able to do it was his last comment before leaving me in the coffee shop.
The first thing in my mind was that I have to start and finish this job as soon as possible for this a tendered job and not like Hotel Equatorial , an in house job. Somehow, I am quite confident I could get it done for I have the best of both Heavy and Building industries experience after completing Hotel Equatorial. As usual, I have do everything, from survey to completion ( Pao Sau, Pao High )but not to miss Mr. Ong who assisted in area that I missed and went wrong.
The tough part about this job was the reflection of the sunlight from the sand floor for this is a reclamation site. The fastest steel erection time that I have achieved. This was because I have done it in my oversea job and I personally ensured the bolts for the steel structure were casted and aligned and levelled properly.
The most memorable things of the job was when the Boss of Inventec, a Taiwanese, Mr Wu was standing beside me with an umbrella. He asked whether I need an umbrella and I said no and thanked him. About a few years, I asked my Eldest brother whether he knew of a person called Mr Wu in Inventec and he mentioned that he knows him. Well wishing ,Mr Wu, the very best in his business. I do not have so much remembrance of Inventec except the road which is 1 km .
Penang Development Corporation Town Centre
(PDC) Bayan Baru, Penang

Bayan Baru Town.

As for this township project, there was nothing special and after completing this job,I went back to Hotel Equatrorial. Continue helping the Hotel maintenance team for the defect works Left Lim Kah Ngam Sdn Bhd on August 1991

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