Friday, April 13, 2007

Farewell Singapore

Why leaving Singapore?

A question of why I left Singapore job and returned to Malaysia in 1983, the year when Malaysia started to encounter the recession always poke up
Before I left Asian Bintulu Fertiliser Plant, I witness the hoisting of the 100 ton silo. I have to tell everyone of you out there how it was done. Please look at the photos shot of the last posted article.
The crawler crane from Singapore arrived and started to assemble its counter weight, the crane has got it initial counter weight and on top of that there was rolling platform assembled on its back side and it rotated, swinged when the crane started to turned left or right.( you can said mobile counterweight. This mobile weight was only assemble after the crane has extend all its boom to maximum length. Apart from this, a pair of sling was also tied from the boom to counterweight that were casted in the ground, the distance and angle of this sling wire was very important. during the actual lift, two crawler crane were used , one the big heavy crane and the one was also crawler crane that has a minimum boom extended. Please go back to the photos that were posted. After lifted up vertically, the two slings at the back were loosen so that the crane could swing its body and lifted the silo up and put the whole silo on base, foundation. The route from the guard post was laid with 25mm steel plate all the way for this silo to come in until the lifting zone.
During my R & R back to Penang, my neighbour secretly informed me that my dad drove my mum to the hospital when she was sick one night. I ask my dad whether it was true and he said to me that it was true and I do not have to worry at all for he could still drive during the night, which I knew that it would be quite hard for him for his vision was not so good in the night and not a problem during day time.
On my way back to Bintulu, I started to think over this issue and felt very sad and ask myself when I can return to take care of them for their last part of their life. Well, why don't I be around and let us shower our love for them during the last journey of their life. My mind flip back to my younger days when there was lot love given to us even when time was bad. how tough my mum and dad have gone through to support 5 of us.
On reaching the Fertiliser Plant, my concentration on the job drop tremendously. Each night back at the camp, I found that it was very hard for me to doze off. Eventually after checking out the balance of work left at the Urea plant, I made up my mind that I could resign and let the other engineer to take over.
After submitting my resignation letter, JEL's Singapore called to offer a better salary increment but my Project Manager who was back in HQ told them that my mum was not feeling well and I have to go back. Even Kobe Steel offer me a job in Japan for they thought I was not happy with the company,JEL . I told them that it was not so. Kobe Steel finally gave me a warm farewell dinner and a testimonial for me to take along. and wishing and hoping that I have a good future ahead of me. I felt very sad and left them for Singapore to make my last report.
During the last few days, before I left Singapore, I went back to the office to thank everyone whom I knew and not missing, the Mechanical Project Manager, Mr Khor Kim Lee, who in spite of getting scolded by him in Iran over cabin plinth issue. He has taught me to think ahead before doing thing blindly. His last word to me was to see his brother in law who was working for the 65th storey Komtar in Penang. I answered OK to him which I did not do but eventually ending up meeting his brother in law at the new job, Penang Hotel Equatorial. I was also given by my adminstration staff a souvenir book on ISO published by ISO Switzerland which I did not find the usefulness until now under Ivory Properties Group, I was the MR ( Management Representative) for IS0 9001 (2008). Clearing my income tax with Singapore taxation department was very fast and they were very efficient due to the computer system. I left this department with some extra dollars for they immediately tidy up my account with them.

cont............................ do you know that during the overall period,5 years that I was in Singapore, I have never visited any of the tourist areas at all except Orchard road, enjoying my burger. I went back and start visiting them a few years later with my children.

cont............................ sorry pal,blogger, tidying up my all post with more pictures. Bought a book explaining all about blogging so I have to clear all my rubbish. will come back tomorrow night with a new post.

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