Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reading and research to improve oneself.

University Sains Malaysia (USM)Penang,Malaysia

For every job that I did, I would further carry out research so as to understand the teory side rather than just keep on constructing the projects. I was very lucky to be amember of USM library through the recomendation of my Project manager, Mr. Ong Lye Seng who constructed the renowned 65 storey Komtar of Penang, Malaysia and at that time I was constructing Penang Equatorial Hotel . For your info, One of the librarian mentioned to me about 6 months back during my membership renewal that I am one of the oldest public member of this library approximately 24 years. Well as usual I smile back and ask a simple question that was I should be given an extra 4 books rather the normal 4 books which I am entitled. Just imagine that I have to drive all the way to Nibong Tebal ,USM and is only allowed to borrow 4 books at one time. When I was back to Malaysia after completing my Thailand project, I was offer a job in Kuala Lumpur and during that time I would drive all the way from KL to USM in Trong, Perak (3hours drive) to borrow books. On one of the trip, I was offered by a very kind librarian to have another library card under USM Trong for during that time all USM libraries were not linked by computer. I eventually got extra 4 books to take back to KL. I returned the card to them once all libraries were online. Thank you, Chief librarian.
What books do I read? Most of them Civil Engineering books and only on topic that I do not understand. For the membership fee, it was only RM50 and now Rm300. How do I come about learning the habit of reading books. Well, definitely to understand better on the each job that I was constructing or completed and secondly influence by my Eldest brother and Sister in law. What happened was each night after our dinner, they would be sitting in the living area reading books even with the TV turned on. During this time, I have a good neighbour who was lecturing in MU (University Malaysia ) and he gave me some of his lecture note related to my Civil Engineering subjects and encouraged me to read more since I was not studying in the Unversity.

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