Monday, April 09, 2007

Things that I learned from oil refinery.

Balikpapan Oil Refinery.
Hydrocracker Plant A
Duration: 9 months.

1. Types of pipe: Schedule 80 , Stainless Steel, steam pipe
2. Types of welders: All welders are tested in the refinery itself and classified by their abilities.
Welders tags are attached to the welding mask so that they can be identified easily by
inspectors. All welded samples are sent for X ray during the test.
Any welders caught welding on different pipes assigned for will be terminated immediately.
3. Riggers: Specialised in lifting and handling of cranes for installation. They cannot operate
the cranes( any types)
4. All pipes are X ray in the night to avoid human traffic. Security is very strict in X ray zone
5. Detail of spool drawing.
6. Sand blasting of pipes. All pipes are imported on arrival are sand blasted as quality control.
7. All sling use for lifting are tested and clamp in the fabrication plant.
8. Stringent control over individual job.
9. Coordination for all nationalities: American, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Malaysian, Singaporean,
Indonesian , Japanese, etc.

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  1. i put up a search fror oil and gas blog search and found this. i work for an API pipe manufacturer so it is good to know the other side of the story. great article!