Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fantastic Iphone

Piano Lesson

One one weekend, Siew Woon drop by my house with her computer for updating the Anti virus software and also to skype with her cousin who is stay in Kelantan. Sitting about a 2 meter from her , I could hear the sound of the organ played by her cousin through skype . Well, she was listening tentatively at the notes she played and started to teach her .
Since my house hasn't got a piano, I decided to download an application that allowed her to play the Iphone like a piano. Beginning she could not play fast due to transfering to the next frame but eventually she started to play with it and her cousin was very surprised as to where she gets a piano so fast. Wow, great piano indeed

At the end , her cousin managed to understand where she did wrong by listening over at the other side . Her cousin asked her about the phone and she has to hold up the Iphone to proof that she was playing with it . All of us started to laugh and acknowledge the power of this small little gadget.

Calling Maxis, our local provider

With the launching of Iphone 3GS, I started to call our local provider asking them as to when they will be allowing us to trade in my 3G forthe new 3GS. On one Sunday, I called them again and suggested to them that they should give a discount to customer who wanted to trade in or buying another one . About a month after that conversation, Maxis finally come up with that Exclusive package for her customer.
Well, is this marketing strategic recommended by me? If yes, then I would say that Maxis should give me one free 3GS!!!!. Hee! Hee! As one of my friend told me, I should have written in and that could be the proof.

Sometime, while on the street , I was asked by curious on looker on whether the Iphone is that good. I told them depending on the type of usage or function that they experted from the phone. Some feels that when you holding an Iphone, you will feel Um thing.

On why I bought an Iphone?
It started on that day I went to the airport to fetch my brother and his family. When all of them were in the car, my brother took out his Iphone and start to read his messages. I began to asked him and he told me that it will change my life. To my surprised his son,Bill also took out his phone too. On the journey to the hotel, we started to chat on the usage of phone that I which to have, Just for information both his children studied IT from Harvard and their humble knowledge on phone gave me an in dept of the phone.Phone like blackberry were also discussed. By the time, we reached the hotel, I have already make up my mind to purchase one.
One fine day, my old phone started to give problem and there come along my son telling me that I should be getting a new one as a reward for myself. I finally signed up an Iphone plan.
Having a new phone is one thing but then to get it going and ensuring that I can enjoy the full system, I started exploring hoe to transfer and edit my own ring tone etc.
Bill Kang recommended several applications and the gadget started to get very interesting. For me I can never get be tired of it, Well,easy to get the latest news , Twitter news from Bill and my brother, chatting with my friends and niece in Singapore with Nimbuzz and even my son with SKype. and the best was to chat on company matters with my office staff without having to dail them. Finally, I have to purchase a car charger whenever I am on the move. A extra power charger to be placed in my office.
The most important is XY will be able to chat with me from UK when I am on the move. Recommended that he should get one in UK!!!! What is the price over there?
Save for my education first he would reply or unless his phone is spoilt.
Anyway he is not interested in Touch Screen type. Whenever in the car he will fiddle with it and "haya! haya!" would be trhe sound from his mouth.
One thing for sure , I have very minimum game in it.

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