Thursday, September 03, 2009

Count Down for XY

XY wearing his mask in the shopping complex

XY 's final degree.

"All my bags are packed, I ready to go." Took some photo shot for XY enjoying his food and also his new hair style before flying
Each night without fail, I would pop into his room and ask this favorite question of mine,
"Son, are there any more things, questions that you need to know or ask?"

None unless you have , he would reply.
Will he miss us?

In fact, I am the one that could not sleep for I will be missing him when he goes abroad. Me getting excited of you might said, High anxiety.
All this while, we have been very closed and seldom miss a call from him or me, when he studies in KL. At time, he would give us a call even before his class starts.
On one of my friends house warming, my friend wife asked him whether he call us from KL and he replied "Yes" most of the time and what topic you would talk to your dad and mum, He answered all topic or "gossip lah" hee ! hee! , he would laugh cheekingly.

Extra few shots taken with my Iphone

New hair style

enjoying "tong Swee" and duck "koay teow" noodle

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