Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Closest Neighbour

The Famous Barber from Tanjong Bungah

Yesterday , I got a shock when my old neighbour approached and told me that he has been searching high and low for us as he wants to invite us to his son wedding tonight. Luck for us he saw me during this lunch break.
We knew him since young. Immediately I called my wife and told her of this happy occasion andto cancel all event so that we could be there that night.
Many Years we knew him . Well maybe 45 years but definitely more for his uncle who attended this wedding could remember Boon, BS,BG , Ho and also he has went over to once of relative house, to see him.
I have taken a few shot with my Iphone and hopefully they will be preserved in our album as long as this blog could exist.
How famous is Gunalan. .....he has cropped the previous Chief Minster of Penang; Dr Koh and also the present CM P: Mr Lim and not to forget all the resident of Tanjong Bungah..

I ask my wife how well she knew his wife and she told me that our children always play with them whenever they went there to tidy their hair.. .
I could always remember his daughter for she speaks fluent Hokkien like her mum.

The Indian wedding
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The Bridegroom"s Parent, Gunalan and wife with Janet and PY

The Bride and Bridegroom

The Wedding Ceremony

Pachapan, Sirdharan (Muniandy)and me

Their Uncle:

Muniandy and wife, Selvi , with his family

Muniandy eldest son : Mathan and wife, Cynthia with their son Keshwin

His youngest son,jeyhan who so happen to be PY classmate . A small world where PY was
very surprised that I knew his father.

The younger brother of Muniandy:Pachapan

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