Sunday, September 20, 2009


Great transmission by Skype on15/09/09

At around 3.51pm. he suddenly appeared online in Skype. a few conversation and he ended up telling me he is very hungry. All my friends laughed commented that he looked very tired. Definitely Not enough sleep for him. His picture appear was very clear.

A Call on 16/09/09

Well, he finally bought a phone card and called us immediately at around 7.30am local time.
Very clear call and he talked normally now after a good rest. Eventually he has to on Skype and taking up his computer, he started showing his mum the room layout with his webcam. Good place that you are staying ,his mum told him.
As usually ,has you mop your room? (He normally cleaned our house when he returned on his semester break.) No, lah, the whole unit is fully carpeted and I have vacuumed my room .I told him that we have to stop now for we have to go to work. Take care and bye bye............ was his replied.

2nd Call 17/09/09

Well, he finally got the code to let us call him ..See ...see... who is getting excited or who has miss who.. .the mum get very excited and wanted to talk and I told her that talking over skype tonight could be better. AH YAH < airasia so cheap and fly over there any time. better still i go there and stay there and return with him next after he has completed his course. heee ....... don't talk .......... I want to watch my she goes to the hall and watch astro............install recently after both sons have graduated. .............

The IPhone

When it comes with communication especially when I AM ON THE GO, I could just log in with Nimbuzz and I could detect whether XY is online. 3G phone helps alot .I could see him regardless of which social networking software he is using, Skype, MSN, ICQ etc except Oovoo, maybe on the next upgrade version. Even without WiFi,
I could chat with him for a while. Good Eh!!! Well, i could chat with during my Tea break to keep within the company policy. Working hours off the social networking. but then I could contact my Tech staff on drawings matter without having to call them on the local convenient.

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