Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Iphone

My Iphone: Pic Taken by IT chief, Chin Chin

Sorry for keeping everybody in suspense. Wow, total stop for 4 months . you might say busy but then the final word, LAZY. Everyday, when arriving home , I would sit in the front of my computer screen and start searching info on Iphone. Finally got it under Macworld.. Well, Apple has got their own website but than they are very slow in updating it. Below are some photos taken with Iphone

An instant snap of our engineer checking the Windsor Probe test

XY 's friends in Penang

XY in Mcdonald, Hatyai

Using the Application, Postman,and forwarding it to his friend

I have finally bought an Iphone and have to say that I am still learning all the functions from magazine like Mac life, Macworld and even Iphone Life. Well, all these back dated, imported magazines are a few months old for they are very costly if purchase new.

I would said that Iphone really change my life style. Before going further, what make me buy this portable computer or can I call smart phone.

First Look at the bad side

1 You cannot bluetooth to an other type of hand phone other than Iphone,
2 Forwarding phone number to a friends take longer step.
3 Battery will finish by approximately 5 hours if using 3G and longer for 2G.
4 The screen need to be clean regularly if not a dirty gadget!!
5 Speed is average but 3GS is better
6. Must always remember to shut it down once in a while and reboot it to avoid
applications that run without your knowledge. Could this lead to over heating and
draining of the battery?

The good side

1. Can surf the internet any time anywhere even without WiFi by using 3G
2. Many free and paid engineering applications
3. Pictures are sharp,big and up to my requirement
can upload to my blog without having to reduce the size
4. Big screen that help me for my eye sight is deteriorating
5. Lovely music and can transferred converted MP4 shows
6. Google map
7. Recording all my seminars
8. Games to play.chinese chess
9. Free books
10. Social networking, need not sms but direct chat using Nimbuzz
11. Daily local and world news
12. Pocket dairy
13. Learning new things every now and then
14. Blogging and Twittering
The fantastic "push notification" that will appear on the main screen.

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  1. so glad you got an iPhone, uncle PT! i think iPhone addiction runs in the Kang family--my dad and i are both obsessed with ours.

    hope things are well with you--

    much love,