Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Praying to his Ancestor (6/09/09)

Grandfather and Grandmother

Our grandfather and granny ashes were kept here.

As an obedient grand son, he went with his mum to pray his respect to his grandfather and granny in Pulau Tikus and then to the Burma Buddhist temple.
Later that night we have our steamboat dinner in Town, Nagor
e road.

Steam boat

Ip pic:the steam boat restaurant

Cousin brother

After dinner , we went to MPH in Gurney Plaza t
o purchase his story book, for reading when in the plane. When over there we met our cousin, Ah Teong. XY ask him about his mum too. He can still remember her .

Ip pic: With their cousin brother, full concentration by both of them

Ip pic: My wife and me with my cousin He is highly appreciated by my father and mother for his help.

What I can recall from my father was Ah Teong would always help them in the Sundry shop when I was away studying in KL.

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