Thursday, December 20, 2007

Healthy Food


Bitter gourd and Apple juice

One day back at the site office of Penang Times Square, my Senior Quantity Surveyor, Mr Lim
introduced me to a healthy drink and he mentioned that it should only be taken twice a week, space it out within the 7 days. I would say that taking it in the early morning, an hour be breakfast would be good .I did it in this schedule. The juice is made of Bitter Gourd (1 no) and Green apple (1 no).This juice is normally use for cleansing

The Bitter gourd is very small............................For some people skin of apple is not peel

Drink the juice in EMPTY STOMACH, 1 hour before a breakfast meal.

There are other type of juices and the one I like the most is Wheat Grass drink
I do not have picture. Anyway the following procedure will be explained later.

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