Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lucky Acquaintance (1st day:30/11/2007)

We took this taxi back to the airport. There are many taxi in Bangkok now

The Poster of the Korea Star,Lee Jun Ki

The Stage built to welcome him

After praying to Phra Prom at Erawan, my son and I walked across to Central World to window shop. Once we entered we were surprised to see a poster of one very famous star, Lee Jun Ki.
Xing yi got excited and said that we could be lucky to see him in life person. Well, my son was indeed very lucky on these event, meeting film star and so on, for he has also met one of Thailand supermodel, Pancake, in Koh Lipe (Thailand) during our last Chinese New Year trip to marine islands.

With Pancake in one of Thailand exclusive marine island.
Chinese New year, 2007

We saw the stage which was erected for welcome him and decided to go on with our shopping. My son said that we could hear all the commotion when he arrived. True enough as we were to leave the complex we heard sudden disturbance of the quite atmosphere and we quickly went over. Since we were one floor above the stage, we were very lucky to see him walking behind the stage and my son get excited and said, Dad start shooting with your camera. Being excited too, I also started to take picture of the idol. Previewing the picture when back to hotel room, we were lucky to have one better shot as shown below.

Bird Eye view of Lee Jun Ki .

I told my son of the dinner appointment and we left the complex immediately and has to walk back to the hotel for the traffic jam has just started to built up.

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