Thursday, January 03, 2008

Island Resort,Penang. Malaysia

The Saleman: Obeiliao

After completing the prestigious show unit at Moonlight Bay, my company
launches Island Resort at another site beside Miami Green. Just a stone throw from Moonlight Bay, this project is opened for Ivorian to book at
Birch House. Mr. Alan met me one of the nights and after sitting down and listening to him tentatively in our pantry, I finally decided to look deeply into this project.

Surprisingly a few days later, with more information from the design Architect ,Jarvin and Murly and also our Contract manager, Mei Ling, I felt that I could talk to potential purchaser and try my salesmanship in selling this beautiful Condominium that I will be constructing. At present, we are carrying out the earth work and due to the strict and responsible Geotechnical Engineers we are also doing extra Soil Investigation. Well, you would say that extra required test here and there. Hill slope construction, Don’t Play! Play!

Even before going into Hill Slope construction, my Boss have planned and arranged for us 3 years ago to have our study trip in Hong Kong so that we could learn from Hong Kong Development. The address of the website was noted so that we could learn more when returning back to Penang.

My sister would laugh at me after hearing that I am trying to sell house. She always comments that I could not even lie to anybody!! Well, true and honest presentation plays a very important factor. Apart from this, being a const
ructor, I could better than other people for I could read plans. Yesterday, back at Moonlight Bay, I opened up the preliminary plan of Island Resort and explained thoroughly to the sales staff. What level and height above the sea level and with confirmation from the drawing. Location and direction of the unit were also discussed.

I have been staying in Tanjong Bungah for nearly 51 years and looking at the coastal belt from Tanjong Bungah to Batu Ferringhi, I would truthfully said that it is under full development. This is my first selling point.

The next would be that it is very near to the sea front and the sea that is across the road is gazette as no further development at this time on hand. As quoted by one of our consultant from Gue & Partner.

One of the resident at Miami Green commented that there will be a lot of retired foreigner staying here since Malaysia has opened up the Second Malaysia policy to foreigner. This is true for there are many foreigners staying in Miami Green, neigbour to Island Resort.

And finally the prices are right. I was informed by one the bank officer who is presently staying in Miami Green.

Well as one of the marketing staff was telling me the other day , Obeiliao you are quite good in selling houses. I told her maybe beginner luck and advised her to tell people the facts and let them decide for themselves.

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  1. obeiliao... i'm sure you can do it. i support you since you have an extra edge than all of us. Ganbate desu. ^^ by the way, guess who am i? hehe... ^^