Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leader Commitment

How to built a team.

When I was in Balikpapan, Indonesia, constructing the Oil and Gas job under Bethel International, I was ordered by my Project Manager to take over the job as Area Superintendent for Hydrocracker Train "A". The first problem that I have to solve immediately was to stop the other section head from sending some skilled workers back to Singapore. Initially, there was no problem if the company terminate one or two just to show the worker that they have to perform and keep the schedule on time. To terminate one , another competent skilled workers has to be mobile and replaced immediately. time was not on our side and the cost overrun due to flight fare started to surface.

I have no choice but to group all the "rotten" workers and find out the reason from each individual one. From the information that I have gathered , I found out that the main problem derived was from the Senior head and not from the workers. The senior head did not communicate any problem voiced out by the skilled workers on the job was not attended due to his temper and proud ego.

My Project Manager finally has to step in and reassigned him out to another section and I have take over. I got panicked for I have no knowledge of Oil and Gas works but only Civil and Structure and even then I could not lead these team for the three completed projects were totally of different scope, a highway project ,a chemical plant, and an electrical substation.My Project Manager called for an urgent meeting and informing everyone that I will be taking over. His next move was to identify all the leader( Mechanical engineers and supervisors) and assigned extra duties. Being a Mechanical Project Manager, he was very experience and during the meeting he listened in detail of all the problems and how each solution highlighted was solved. His team was communicating freely with him as a leader and a "friend".
I learned this problem solving meeting from him and till today I am still apply what he has taught me.

How to look for the leader within that person. A few quality to look for:

1. The Positiveness of that person: He has to have the ability to work with people and

situations in a positive way. Even problems are tough to resolve he has to be calm.
2. Follow-through: Any job given or assigned to him have to be completed by till the end
and just pass to the person.
3. Loyalty
5.Gratitude: An attitude of thankfulness when help by other
6.Integrity: trustworthiness and solid with his words.
7. Resilience: Be able to able to stand firm and resolve problem when problem arises,
8. Good team leader: As a team player to the rest of the organisation other than his department.

But then the leader himself must has vision if not he will not be able to foresee the down line potential leader problem. He himself has to adopt to change and not worrying that his staff will take over his post.
Finally, pay the leader according to their prices/value.

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