Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Multinational Gathering

The Thai , Malaysian,Chinese and Down Under meeting

Before leaving for Thailand, I made a final call to my younger Thai sister, Buay to confirm the flight and my daily schedule when in Thailand. Over the phone, she told me that my Project Manager, Mr Barry Morrison is in Bangkok for 2 months and a dinner arrangement has been made for all of us on the first day of my arrival. Very surprised of the arrangement, I told my son,Xing Yi that we have to reschedule the Friday tour. He agreed for he wished to eat the Thai foods in the restaurant.

A normal daily traffic affair. Love it and Hate not.

The Meeting after 13years

All in the meeting Barry Morrison, Buay, Chen Yau Hui , Xing Yi and me

The Thai food

Kung Pao. ( Baked Fresh Prawns).....................................

I cannot remember the name of the restaurant except there is a train passing by every hour. Food served were good.

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