Monday, December 10, 2007

Training New Leaders

Principle behind developing leaders

Recently when I was in Bangkok and a close friend of mine asked me how I managed to train staff to be the next leader after me. I smiled and informed him that you have to read some leadership training book and sometime it just came automatically. Anyway I was so happy to share with him thess few principles that I have with me for so long.
Before going further, I always recall these words,

"Those closest to the leader will determine the success level of that leader,"

This words have positive and negative when approaching it. Well, think of the positive side.You need to encourage Team Work that means you have to encourage your group to become team player.

Then you should stop for a moment and think of any staffs closest to your organisation. Are you developing them? Do you have a game plan for them? Are they growing? Have you been able to lift your work load?

The most important responsible that one must have before developing any leader whether they are just a supervisor to be promoted to Senior
supervisor are

1. appreciate them as who they are
2.believe that they will do their best in the new position
3. praise them for their accomplishments
4. accept your personal responsibility to them as their leader.

So, in other words the leader must be able to be outspoken rather than being rude when dealing in any SITUATION ESPECIALLY during negotiation of problem.

The leader most important task is acquiring and keeping good staff and teaches them where they lack in.

Stop here my friend said to me and let go for a local Thai coffee beside the road side which he knew that I love , not in Coffee Buck or Coffee Bean.. He called out to his secretary, Nuk, and informed her of our agenda.Walking out of his office, I was hoping that I could find some pork "satay" beside where we were going to drink coffee

When at the store, he mentioned of the office problem for there were many ............

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