Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Electrocuted Rat

Island Resort Project

Arriving on site ,30 May 2008, Mr. Mah Cheng Inn told me that he could not on the electric in certain part of the office that included the punch card machine electric point. I asked him whether he has try to on it back from the main switch board and he answered yes but with not result. Well, I try my luck and went over to the main board and tried it myself. Pressing the ELCB on the test button, I found that it was very soft. Normally, if there is an incoming power it will trip. There is no point trying the rest of the MCB. Going back to him,he told me that some electric points in the internal main office were also off. Looking at this circumstances, I told him that one of the electric phase might have been trip.

Mr Yee, our electrician finally arrived and upon checking he confirmed that one phase was out after checking on the fuse attached on the outside beside the Local Electric Pole. Everything was back to normal for the main site office after changing the main fuse.
Again, Mr Azmi call him over the air with our individual walkie talkie requesting to check for there was no electric power at the site. Well, we have many MCB to control all the outlets to avoid unnecessary electric power tripping atthe main board. He found that one rat was eletrocuted in the main switch board, shock to death by the 3 phase. Removing the rat, the site is back to normal.

The rat that was electrocuted was not normal but than why? One of the main reason was the heavy downpour in the night and it must tried avoiding the rain and keeping itself warm inside the switch board

The rat, RIP, lying horizontally on top of the ELCB and fuse area


  1. can have a clearer picture of the rat? really curious lor...

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  3. Kitty Kat, you could see the head of the rat where the arrow is pointing and the tail is at the other end. I have another copy but accidentally erased it

  4. tat's sad... couldn't make out head or tail when i first see it... ><