Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 simple rules to become a leader.

Meetings, meetings, blah! blah! .........

I have been asked to attend many meetings and in most of them, some of my friend always mentioned that I talk a lot and advised me to be quiet. But after checking with the rest of the colleague, I found that they appreciated what I have elaborated in detail of the speaker idea. What have I done? One of them mentioned that I have actually "Contribute" to the whole floor with my vast experience. Some even asked me where I have got those idea and I mentioned from another corporate company which I have worked before.

Well a day or two later, I brought out samples of what I have done and explained to the small group that acknowledged my sincere idea.

Recently I have gone to a book sales held by Popular in Penang and found a cheap and power book that cost me only Rm 2.20. So cheap but then the content written by this Author explained all the things that I have done and how it would help the present company that I am working. Wah Lah!! .

The name of this book is "
Leadership Begins With You" by Mary Morgan Riley. PH.D.
In this book , she wants everyone one to follow 3 Simple rules
Rule 1 : Everyone Contributes
Rule 2 : No Put-downs
Rule 3 : Keep Agreements

Rule 1
Everyone Contributes
Explanation :

Many of us have developed a resigned attitude toward our jobs and our potential to contribute to our workplace. Perhaps we tried to contribute and got burned, so now while we 're working we are merely going through the motions " Better to keep a low profile, do my job and head for the weekend. I will be my real self outside of work." What we do not realize is that when we listen to tis voice, we are not protecting ourselves. rather , we are denying a fundamental part of ourselves: our self-respect. We are saying we cannot possibly make a contribution here. But who knows our job better than we do? If we can't make a Contribution here, who can?
We may have made suggestions that were ignored or had run-ins with other personal who were set in their ways. If this has been the case for you, don't despair. In situations where employees are apathetic or management's attitude appears disrespectful, there are often other coping strategies that you can adopt instead of giving up your dream of becoming a good and outstanding leader.

Rule 2 :
No Put-Downs

It's your job as leader of your career to create an atmosphere that transforms antagonism into creative energy
--JOHN KAO, Harvard Business School

Put -Downs is defined as Criticism without hope.
You are attending a meeting and during the meeting you get through it with halfhearted response with your limitation presentation. After the presentation, your boss turned to the other and sarcastically commented. " I believe he been partying too late during the weekends". At that moment , you are the staff in deep trouble.
In the effective leader, he has to find ways to talk to the rest and not degrading you with the following statement for example," I admire your ability to think on your feet but next time could you bring your note in the meeting so that you would not miss your information".
But then there some kind of leader that would push us to our limit in order to let us stay in focus.

How to overcome "Put down ". Well, write down the problems and convert them into positive action by setting target date for each problems. etc

Rule 3 :
Keep Agreements.

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