Friday, June 13, 2008

Apple Exhibition in Penang

Apple product

Received an sms from Alex Toh reminding me of the Apple fair at Gurney Plaza in Penang. Straight  after work , I immediate dropped  in and found that they have some very good presentation topics on their softwares. 

Meeting me at the exhibition was my colleague, Aik Seng and after both of us have registered with them, we were given a small presents in return. We went through all the new product and found one that was very interesting, the Wacon tablet, a drawing board where you can draw anything and direct transfer into the computer. A young man, Paul Ooi was there drawing 
a manga and he sent me the drawing through email.

A manga by Paul Ooi

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  1. haha... just thought that you would like to know more about apples... so send you the SMS about it. how's the Wacom? thinking of getting one soon after i get my hand on d apple air book soon. ^^