Friday, February 08, 2008

Surprised Visitors

Closed friends
(A short note on my closest friend)

Most of the time, I normally have friends visiting me during Chinese New Year but then they would not meet me for on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, I would normally travel down to Setiawan, Perak with family for my in law stayed there. Well, on this New Year, I was very surprised to received an sms from my very closed friend daughter asking me whether I was at home. I reply that I was at home and she replied that they on the way to my house. Wow! what a surprise.
I went into the kitchen and told my wife that Ah Moi 's family was on the way here. She told me that we were lucky to meet them for most the time when they came to my house, I was not in.

Well, coming into the house was his husband,2nd daughter,Andrea and youngest son, Andrew
Unfortunately, her eldest daughter was not around for she was down to her mother side.

Time fly so fast, since the death of my friend, Ah Moi (a year ago) I could only now talk to her daughter through phone asking her on her education and well being of the whole family.
The final conversation I have with Ah Moi was when I was in PJ asking her on the opinion of my youngest son studying in Taylor College and she would advise me this and that and even show me around where her new office is.

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