Thursday, February 07, 2008

Celebration before closing for Chinese New Year

Site Gathering.

Before closing the site, we normally have our lunch and then "happy hour" at the site.
"Talk 3 Talk 4" on the past event

Visitors to the Moonlight Bay Show unit

The daughter of my staff kept on asking me questions on the show unit.
where does this staircase link to?
can use , the cooking equipments ? Blah blah.

Most of the time, I am wondering whether she will speak out. Well none stop questions. Maybe one of the future architect lah!! Her eyes are sharp.

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Engineers who designed this Show Unit relaxing by the pool after their final inspection.

Who is this little " Barbie doll "

Sherlynn, one of our staff daughter

Hi Uncle Kang, this Show Unit is so beautiful.
Look at the sparrow,land and taking, off from the pools.

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