Monday, February 18, 2008

Roti Canai ( updated 23/02/08

Malaysian Pancake

During this Chinese New Year festival, a lot of Chinese food outlets are closed and hence my wife and I have to go to our favorite Muslim food stall and the nearest one is beside the Penang Floating Mosque.

Penang Floating Mosque

(Normally taken in the morning)

Over here I ordered my favorite Roti Canai

How to make it

Type of Roti canai

1. Plain ( canai itself with gravy and some time with sugar)
2. Canai with egg
3. Canai with egg and onion

Egg and onion are mixed together..........spread over the dough and then wrap over

Put it over the heated pan with oil poured around it
and wait for it to be cooked

4. Canai with onion

Step 1 : Flatten it and spread it thinner

Step 2: Make it thin by flipping it in the air

Step 3: Fold it and put it on the hot pan

Step 4: When cook, chop it into smaller piece,
Looks oily but it is very tasty

Step 5: Serve it with the gravy: spicy and non spicy

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