Thursday, February 07, 2008

Passport Renewal

Making a new passport for my son
( well done Immigration Department)

Went to the immigration office and worrying how long it will take to renew the passport. Well, got a big surprise for it took less then 10minutes and we were out to take our breakfast.

Went into the office and one officer approached us and ask whether our passport has expired and my son answered her, still valid for 5 months. flipping through it and confirmed that my son passport is of the chipped type,she told us to go
into a room to renew it. Oh oh we will be renewing it through the computer machine.

Step 1. Fill up the content in an envelope and put one photo inside.
Step 2. Went over to the machine and press the renewal
Step 3. Placed the passport into the slot when requested. The machine read the chip and requested my son to place his right thumb over the reader.
Step 4. Confimed every detail inside is correct: Name, IC, height. and then pressed the ok button. the next question was 32 pages or 6
4 pages.
Pressed the required button
Step 5. The final question the amount to be paid. Placed one piece at a time into the slot whether a RM 50 or RM 100.
Step 6. When all was completed, put the old passport and a new passport sized photo into the envelope ( step 1) , closed
it and put it into the slot requested.
Step 7. Collected the receipt and the time to collect it was printed on the receipt too.

My son and I finally walked out of the i
mmigration office within 10 minutes and went to take our favorite lunch at a lane behind HSBC bank. He collected his passport 10 minutes late from the time given but I considered it not a problem for this machine has arrived in this department 2 weeks ago and they have to get use to it.

My son favourite Roti Chanai. Hoh chiak

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