Sunday, February 24, 2008

Relative in Kulim

The man from Air Force.

Uncle Hock Leng and wife

(L to R) Me, Uncle, Prof Beng Chin, Uncle's wife, King Siang and Pei Yi

During my younger day, I could only recall that every morning at approximately 6.00am , my uncle would push out his bike, Yamaha Brand, and then start it and off he goes in order to be on time for the ferry going over to Butterworth, Royal Malaysian Air Force.
For this particular Sunday, while visiting the Malaysia Airline Expo at Pisa, Penang, we received a call from my son, Pei Yi, telling us that his car has broken down. He tried to get his car fixed but could not and so finally has to trouble my Uncle, Hock Leng for Phee ho was not in. Gave a call to Uncle and everything was taken care off.
Since I was off on this Sunday, my wife and I decided to visit my son and uncle. Arriving in Kulim, the mechanic was there and after going through the car, he found that the clutch pump (22 year old) could be the main cause of the problem
Well , a new one was replaced at the workshop and we met our Uncle there. We asked him to joined us for a drink and in state of going to coffee shop, he took us back to his house. Why not going to the coffee shop? His answer was his house has got everything and no point going to the coffee shop.
Well, it ended that we even took our lunch there and not to forget his hospitality, extra Roasted pork and chicken for the lunch. His wife also cooked some delicious dishes to compliment the lunch. We met his daughter, Prof. Beng Chin and grandson and daughter in law too. Left after the lunch for Pei yi has to rush back to college.
I recall my father praising him when I was young, " Hock Leng is very sincere, kind and good. I also remember that father has asked him to quit his smoking if I not mistaken! He did it finally.

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