Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Tradition cooking

What do I have to do on the New Year Eve? Well, my parent have always carried out this procedure on New Year Eve
Foods that we have to cook and pray to our ancestors. The types of foods that my wife has to cook which has been pass down through generation. Even the 2 bowls for each dishes and 6 no of dishes are fixed.

Folding Table with all the dishes placed ready for praying to Ancestor

The 2 types of Soups which we normally cooked

Mixed vegetables and sea cucumber

Lok bak and Bang Kuang Char

Additional lettuce for making Chinese Spring Rolls

Finally the reunion dinner.

During the dinner, my wife asked whether we can cooked the sea cucumber in Hock
Chew style, "tomato sea cucumber".All in the family agreed. We can only eat this dish whenever we were down in Ayer Tawar for a day trip.

Do not stir the soup son!!!

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