Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stop Bad Shopping Habits

How to Stop Your Impulsive Buying Habits

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Some people spend impulsively every time they step inside a mall to merely buy the simplest of things. This is a very bad habit and it needs to broken immediately. Because if you fail to address it, you’ll get deep into credit card debt before you know it.
If you are a impulsive spender, here are some things that you can do to break this destructive habit:

1. Don’t use shopping as a way to relieve stress. Some people go to the mall as a form of diversion to their problems. If you do this, then you are actually fostering your tendency to become an impulsive shopper. If you have problems and you want to escape them, don’t go to the mall or anywhere you can spending money. You won’t be able to resist the temptation.

2. Simply stay away from malls and similar establishments. Every time you feel you are heading toward the mall area, don’t dare yourself to stand a test of wills. If you win, then that’s great. But what happens when you lose? You’ll lose your money as well. And that’s the sad reality. Unless you’re strong enough, don’t do it.

3. Ask for your family and friends support. Tell your friends that you are doing something to address your impulsive buying habit. If they are real friends, then they should know better than ask you out on a shop-till-you-drop spree. They should also be cooperative to help you and support you with you are trying to do. The mere talk of the latest item on sale at the mall is a no-no.

4. Reward yourself. Tell yourself that whenever you withstand a single instance of buying impulsively, you’re in for a treat. A nice meal at a restaurant should be good. Or an out-of-town vacation even, should you successfully withstand the urge to buy for a full month or so.

5. Don’t use credit cards. Some people buy impulsively because they simply have credit limits on their cards to spare. If you need to go the store to buy something, then make sure you leave your credit cards at home. Just bring enough cash to buy what you need. If you do, then you won’t be buying anything more than you really went for.

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