Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Say No To Procrastination

by Quintus Rangasamy
I would like to share this articles with you all readers

Are you constantly putting off important things because of procrastination? Is it damaging your career, wasting your time and costing you your hard money? Is it holding you back in your personal life as well as at work? is it keeping you from reaching your true potential? There is a way out of this disease. You cannot take pills or have it surgically removed, procrastination can only be removed by mental help and exercises.

Firstly, procrastination is really a habit. A bad habit. Bad habits hold you back from having a great life and realizing your true potential. How often do people say they are going to start that diet on Monday, or I will stop smoking on Monday, or no more credit cards from Monday. To break these bad habits people try to do it physically instead of mentally. What happens on Tuesday when your mind is telling you that you must have a cigarette? You need to change the way you think before your actions.

It all sounds very simple, just change your mentality and everything will be fine. How do you actually do that? You need to find the source of your procrastination. Ask yourself questions, why am I behaving this way, understand why I spend so much time procrastinating and how to stop the habit. Before implementing any strategies you need to understand what you are going to implement.

Where are your habits coming from, these are all the questions you must ask yourself and answer honestly, or there will be no point in trying to rid your habit. Speaking of which, to stop procrastinating you need to be completely dedicated and focused to stop your habit. If you are anything less than this you will fail to get rid of any habits you may have. Once you have rid yourself of one bad habit like procrastination, you can use those same methods to block any other bad habits.

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