Monday, January 07, 2008

Chinese Spring Rolls

How to make Spring Rolls,(Poh Piah)

Well, finally got the time today to go to my favorite Poh Piah store in Fettes Park for a tea break before proceeding to Birch House for the management meeting with 2 of Assistant manager.
Well, on my R & R trip back to Penang , I would definitely order this dish during my lunch.

Below pictures show the way to make Chinese Spring roll, (Poh Piah)

Cooked turnip in the hot pot.

Spread the sweet and spicy sauce and then add the lettuce

Add the main ingredient cooked turnip.................and later eggs, fried bean curb as topping

Finally,warping up the dough skin.......Wow, Ho Chiak Lo. spring rolls cut into smaller pieces

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