Monday, November 26, 2007

SubStructure Work

Setting out of the piling points

After getting the final drawings for the proposed building, the piling plan will be handed over the appointed license surveyor for superimposing into the survey
precom plan. The precom plan will compose of the boundary stone,which have all the co-ordinate (Northing and Easting). The surveyor will handover all control traverse points that they used when checking all the boundaries stone. Normally, the license surveyor will not give this information unless stated during the tender interview for with this information any surveyor will be able to take over the whole site setting out.operation. In our case, we insisted during the tender stage for my company have many land surveyors. Ensure that the building grid are tie back to the control points when given the adjusted precom plan from the license surveyor. Please note that the plan is signed by the license surveyor.

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